Final score: Illinois 58, Indiana 54 (OT)

1:53, first overtime: Illinois 53, Indiana 50

Pruitt got four shots there. One was bound to fall.


3:21, first overtime: Indiana 50, Illinois 50

Rod Wilmont has had one of those games where he just can’t do much. He got caught up by the double team there and was left taking that freaky lunging shot. The Hoosiers need more than two points and two rebounds out of him tonight.


End of regulation: Indiana 50, Illinois 50

I’m rarely ever right about anything. This time, I’m honestly not happy about it. This is going to leave us no time to write.

Interesting call, going with a shot for Bassett. He’s certainly got the nerve for it.


0:20, second half: Indiana 50, Illinois 50

Oh, does Kelvin Sampson have a flair for the dramatic or what? I mean, seriously, calling a time out exactly at the 20-second mark?

What’s the call here, Indiana faithful?

1:11, second half: Indiana 50, Illinois 50

Yawn. Anybody having any fun?

Meachum came up pretty big at the line for an Illini team that has hit only 9-of-17 foul shots.


Just what we needed. A controversy.

So apparently Frazier’s 3-point shot counts. And Keeling’s foul also counts. A possible 5-point play. If Pruitt hadn’t missed that free throw horribly.

This is just getting wild.


3:49, second half: Indiana 46, Illinois 42

Ratliff was calm on that 3-pointer. Think he’ll keeping the shots? Wilmont is 0-for-5 from 3-point. Ratliff is 3-for-4.


5:27, second half: Indiana 43, Illinois 41

Bassett hit that HUGE shot. Now, he’s getting worked on during this time out. Looks like he is cramping up.


7:48, second half: Illinois 39, Indiana 37

I’m sensing Indiana’s first overtime game of the season coming. That is all.


11:04, second half: Illinois 34, Indiana 33

Bassett to Keeling again. Freshmen roommates feeling the vibe tonight.

Carter’s the dangerous man for the Illini here late. He’s been matched up with 6-4 Rod Wilmont and will be able to get a shot pretty much at will.

Pruitt and Randle are in foul trouble, and Illinois has gotten nothing from it’s guards. Calvin Brock has been the most active, and recently Trent Meacham has been pesky but that’s about it.


13:47, second half: Indiana 30, Illinois28

Shameful plug for Doug coming. You’ve been warned.

He predicted in our podcast today that this game would come down to which team makes plays late int he game.

I know, I know…a very long, thin limb. (Sike.)

Still. That’s what it’s down to here at the United Center. The Illinois crowd has kicked in and the Hoosiers are making road mistakes. Sampson’s desperately trying to calm them down right now.


15:42, second half: Indiana 30, Illinois 24

Indiana would really like to be an inside-out team, but mostly it’s an outside team.

One play can change that, especially in a game so tight.

Keeling’s excellent feed through a double team combined with Rod Wilmonts court awareness led to that D.J. White jumper. The Hoosiers will hold onto this lead if they make two or three more plays like that. Illinois just won’t know how to counter.


Neither of Illinois’ starting guards has scored a basket yet. Chester Frazier, who had 21 points last night, is 0-for-3. Rich McBride, who hurt the Hoosiers in Champaign, is 0-for-2.


Half: Indiana 24, Illinois 21

Twenty minutes in and this game is going exactly as everybody thought it would. There are so many fights for the ball. There’s really not much basketball flow, but if you’re a true Big Ten fan this is what you love. Rugged basketball.


4:23, first half: Indiana 22, Illinois 16

The Illini went at least five minutes without a field goal for a stretch there. Both teams are playing very thick defense through the middle of the court.


7:54, first half: Indiana 18, Illinois 14

Okay, so while I wasn’t look the Hoosiers snuck Ben Allen out there. He didn’t last long and was replaced by Xavier Keeling. No Stemler yet.

But Keeling just crept in backside to take that feed from Bassett after a hard-charging drive to the lane. Bassett’s been matched up against McBride at both ends, and that’s a tough assignment for him. McBride is 205 pounds and uses all of it. Bassett’s just 176 and not naturally a very physical player. He got the better of it there, though.

Earl Calloway’s got five boards already. The pushing and shoving for the ball in the paint is so tough that many rebounds aren’t being grabbed until the ball is out past the arc, where Calloway usually stands.


11:50, first half: Indiana 12, Illinois 8

Doug pointed it out below, but just in case you missed it, A.J. Ratliff appeared to hurt his left wrist a bit under the basket. He’s been OK since then but it’s something to watch.

Mike White’s been a brute in the paint but he’s got three fouls already. Lance Stemler will have to come off the bench for him soon and he’ll probably have a lot of the same troubles. Look for the Hoosiers to really start pressuring the ball out top. It’s probably their best hope of stopping that big trio of Illini down low.


15:28, first half: Illinois 6, Indiana 3

Mike White with two tough early plays to draw fouls. Indiana has been able to do that against Illinois and would benefit greatly from not having to face so much length the entire game.

D.J. White atoned for his mistake with a great piece of offensive rebounding off a Mike White missed free throw, and then D.J. finished it by going high in the air and dropping a hook shot through the rim.

How’s the view from home, ya’ll?


18:30, first half: Illinois 6, Indiana 0

Sampson just looked at D.J. White like White just drove a brand new BMW into a lake. White left Pruitt open for that easy feed and basket.


Illinois has the edge in number of fans for sure but it’s certainly not overwhelming.

White, White, Bassett, Calloway and Wilmont to start for the Hoosiers.


  1. Don’t know if you could see that if you’re watching the game on TV, but Ratliff came away from the last play holding his injured wrist and grimacing.

  2. After a slow start for the Hoosiers, they have outscored Illinois 12-2 over the last 6:40. Illinois isn’t getting anything from its halfcourt offense right now.

  3. Sampson just grabbed Ben Allen by the jersey on the bench and shouted encouragement at him as he sent Ben in to give D.J. a rest. The Hoosiers could really use some decent minutes from Ben, particularly with Mike White in foul trouble.

  4. After that last skirmish on the floor before the timeout, here’s what it sounded like Weber was yelling at the referees: “Is that a new rule? Is he allowed to tackle him? Is that a new rule?”

    Not too surprisingly, he didn’t get any response from the refs.

  5. Mike White just picked up his fourth foul with 17:24 left in the game. White has played just 10 minutes in getting those four fouls while trying to push Shaun Pruitt out of scoring position underneath. Pruitt is almost a full head taller than White.

    To even it up, Brian Randle just made two quick fouls and now has four.

  6. The momentum has really shifted to Illinois. Not just with cutting Indiana’s lead to two with 13:47 left, but with the way the players look and fans sound. Illinois is dominating play underneath and Indiana is struggling to get anything resembling a decent shot.

    And the Illinois fans are loud. It sounds like a home game for the Illini right now.

  7. Ratliff is playing almost completely with one hand. Whatever he did to reinjure his wrist in the first half is definitely a problem for him.

  8. WOW – with 7:48 left you call the overtime.

    Can you please call a Hoosiers victory before it gets too late!

  9. Why can’t Sampson get some kind of offense going? Our guys stand around with nothing going on. Horrible, terrible offense — embarrassing.

  10. I believe that if you know anything about basketball it goes a little deeper than not showing up because they played their butts off . That always does not translate to “pretty” basketball

  11. We have won 20 games and have a great chance to get into the Big Dance. This is Kelvin Baby’s first year. The kids gave it their all. We have some good kids coming in next year …..I am very pleased !!! Thanks guys.

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