Final score: UCLA 54, Indiana 49

1:44, second half: UCLA 47, Indiana 45

This is all Pat’s doing.

The Hoosiers have stormed back and are within a basket. They’re the more confident team, and UCLA coach Ben Howland has no time outs to use. Terrible game management by him.


4:26, second half: UCLA 46, Indiana 37

Hey! Lance Stemler can shoot again! He just hit a 3-pointer and Sampson called a time out. He only has one left. UCLA has none.


5:11, second half: UCLA 46, Indiana 34

The Hoosiers just aren’t making the plays they need to make to get back in. White and Calloway both missed free throws. Collison got to the net without much trouble.

Are we watching the last five minutes of the Indiana season?


7:18, second half: UCLA 41, Indiana 29

Collison is so quick and so fluid.

Pat, I thought you might have jinxed the company there for a second. But Indiana just isn’t getting good enough looks to make a run in this thing, I think. But I wish we could have a microphone in the huddle right now.


12:42, second half: UCLA 34, Indiana 22

Rod Wilmont needs to get in on this final push right here. D.J. White’s with it and Earl Calloway is driving it. But somebody — A.J. Ratliff or Armon Bassett if not Wilmont — needs to hit some shots.


15:54, second half: UCLA 27, Indiana 16

How much better would you Indiana fans feel if the Hoosiers were shooting just a little bit better from the line? I have them at 4-for-9 so far and right now those points are looming large.


17:15, second half: UCLA 27, Indiana 13

Among the worst things that could have happened to Indiana just now, a 7-0 run by UCLA ranks right up there with the basket it is supposed to score upon falling to the ground. At least they might stop the game if that were to happen.

Sampson has called this time out and all it has done, at least to the crowd, is make the tension mushroom throughout the building. Even the cheerleaders can only smile tentatively. That’s saying something.


Calloway went knee-to-knee with somebody on that drive. He’s probable. Right now he’s taking shots and looks OK.


Half: UCLA 20, Indiana 13

Indiana hasn’t hit a 3-pointer — it’s 0-for-8 — but is still very much in this game.

But Calloway was key to what they were trying to do, especially tonight. Clearly Sampson wanted th ball pushed up court and that’s Calloway’s strength. I’m trying to get a report on him right now.
So the teams are shooting a combined 12-for-54.

No player has more than six points (D.J. White).

Rebounds are pretty even (Indiana leads 22-21).

Each team has turned the ball over six times.

It’s just a rumble with a basketball somewhat vaguely involved right now.

1:49, first half: UCLA 17, Indiana 11

Earl Calloway hurt his leg, it looks like, on that last lay in attempt. He stayed under the net while UCLA went the other way and got a basket. He’s in the locker room now.


3:00, first half: UCLA 15, Indiana 11

Pace of the game is really picking up but still not much offense.


7:59, first half: UCLA 10, Indiana 9

We’re on pace for a 30-29 game here. Tough defense all around, but neither team is hitting shots. Indiana is 3-of-18, UCLA is 4-of-17.

Hope ya’ll like rough and tumble basketball. That’s what this game between the Hurryin’ Hoosiers and Majestic UCLA Bruins has become.


11:54, first half: UCLA 8, Indiana 7

Neither team is running much out of set offenses. Indiana is making a real effort to create in transition, and UCLA has been really straightforward. It’s trying to get decent shots and then out-rebound inside for put backs.

The Hoosiers are doing a good job on their own end, though, grabbing four offensive boards.


15:51, first half: UCLA 6, Indiana 5

So, yeah. That slow start thing. It ended with Mike White ducking under the basket for a little scoop and a quick transition bucket orchestrated by Earl Calloway and finished by Rod Wilmont.


17:56, first half: UCLA 6, Indiana 0

As tempted as I am to say uh oh, or see you at Nick’s tomorrow, or some other indication that I think this might be really bad, I just can’t. Indiana doesn’t start well, especially away from Assembly Hall.

The Hoosiers aren’t a team that come out and win close games by being more talented and poised early. They fight through everything, picking away at what the other team is trying to do until they find a little seam to rip open. It’s not their style to go about it any other way.

But UCLA probably doesn’t have as many seams to rip.


Starting for the Indiana Hoosiers: Mike White, D.J. White, Rod Wilmont, Armon Bassett, Earl Calloway.

Starting for the UCLA BRUINS: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Lorenzo Mata, Josh Shipp, Arron Afflalo, Darren Collison.


So the UCLA big-flag-waiving guys were out here waving their big flags and then the Indiana big flag guy came out and started like fighting for some of the flag space. There were flag poles hitting in the air. Fearing for the safety of the nearby UCLA female cheerleaders, I attempted to start a conversation so that I could urge them to back away.

They did not acknowledge me.


About 16 minutes until game time after Vanderbilt and Washington State played a thriller here, won 78-74 by the Commodores.

Speculation about Washington State coach Tony Bennett’s future began before this game even ended, with ESPN’s Andy Katz placing him atop the list of candidates to replace Tommy Amaker at Michigan. Bennett’s father Dick, of course, once coached at Wisconsin. So he’s familiar with the Big Ten.

Anyway, the Hoosiers appear ready during warm ups. D.J. White always looks so serious when he’s getting ready for a game. He’s especially grave-looking today and is already working up a pretty good sweat. Other guys like Xavier Keeling and Errek Suhr are always laughing and goofing around.


  1. I just took a stroll around the lower level of Arco Area and ran into quite a few familar faces.

    Former Indiana player Mike Roberts, who I haven’t seen for a year or so, is here. IU grad Tavis Smiley, the late-night talk show host, is in the front row again tonight. During the Gonzaga game, he sat by IU President Adam Herbert for part of the game. Tonight, Smiley is sitting next to Cornell West, the prominent African-American scholar who used to teach at Harvard and is now at Princeton. I just googled it and West is a Sacramento native.

    Coach Sampson’s family is here again, of course, including his kids and is sitting jsut a few seats from Smiley and Herbert.

    The starting lineups are being announced and we’re almost ready to go.

  2. UCLA coach Ben Howland was just explaining to one of the refs that it’s 7-3 in fouls right now with his team having seven. As I typed that, Bruin forward James Keefe jsut committed a foul. 8-3.

  3. With the fast play up and down the court, D.J. White already looks tired and winded. He is jogging at times when others are sprinting. This is a game where Sampson has to give D.J. some longer breaks or he won’t have anything left at the end.

  4. ACK!!!!

    On pace to lose 40 – 26.

    We are behind by more than half of our total points.

    If I were playing by myself against UCLA, I’d only have 13 fewer points than our whole team.

    Doug, Chris – we need more cheering from the press bench.

  5. I’d like to see Wilmont establish himself a little bit more, more screens for him maybe? I’d also like to take a moment to point out the Big Ten is doing awesome with MSU sticking with UNC.

  6. It’s funny the things you see people do at games. A 50-something guy sitting behind me just snuck up to the UCLA bench during halftime, picked up one of the towels that has an NCAA Basketball logo on it and took it back to his seat with him. A member of the security staff went to him and asked him what he had folded up on his lap. The guy had to hand over the towel, which was returned to the bench.

  7. Guess you guys don’t have to worry about booking a flight to San Jose. Thank Kelvin for saving the company money.

  8. Hey John Boy, you know we don’t allow cheering for the Hoosiers from our H-T staff. Although we did used to have this one guy covering non-athletic university news who I always thought was a little too rah-rah in his reporting on Myles Brand.

  9. Can I just say that the CBS coverage on the West Coast is atrocious, I’m watching from Tucson and they stayed on the MSU-UNC game till the final second even though it was like a 12 point game, then went to commercial, completely oblivious to the IU game. On another note I hope this game doesn’t convince DJ to go pro.

  10. What a turnaround, After that Wilmont bank shot, the Hoosiers amazingly trail by just 2. This is where UCLA’s bad foul shooting could really come into play. The Bruins are shooting just under 65 percent from the line for the season.

  11. For weeks we’ve been thinking that Stemler would re-emerge offesively at some point. Now it finally happens with the possible end of the season on the line.

  12. Painful loss. To come all the way back to tie the game, and then to throw it away because you can´t inbound the ball on one of three attempts. It stings.

  13. I was going to use TOTAL BRUINATION as the headline, but now it’s really been too close a game to say that. How about A BEAR OF A GAME. Or Too little, too late. Or no way, San Jose.

  14. AIUGH


    So close. They were one (actually three) bad inbounds pass(es) from a chance to win the game.

    Congrats, Hoosiers. A good season. Now if we can just convince DJ to stay one more year…

  15. I want to scream. Loudly. And that’s not just because I’m drunk. It IS St. Paddy’s Day, y’know…..

  16. Hopefully DJ stays, if he plays like the last couple days we could be able to compete with Ohio State if Oden comes back, hell of a last game out of Calloway, but a little too bad Suhr didn’t get to play, I always wonder when Sampson doesn’t play him if Suhr’s ball handling could help.

  17. Unfortunately for DJ (but not unfortunately for us), he’s probably not a lottery pick this year. Hopefully he’ll see reason and come back for a title run with Eric Gordon.

    There’s no way Suhr matches up with any of UCLA’s guards. They’re too tall and too quick for him. As hard as Errek works, he’s still a bit of a defensive liability against taller guards. Collison would’ve eaten him alive.

  18. Look at the bright side. By dint of this early elimination, the fans, players and coaches alike avoid the crushing blow and hypertensive angst of an 11th hour defeat. Better to be wide of the mark, than to miss by just a hair.

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