Live at Arco….UCLA and Weber State

UCLA, currently leading 53-29, is going to present so many problems for the winner of the Indiana-Gonzaga game.

Darren Collison, who sprained his ankle earlier in the week but is showing no signs of it, is smooth and has good control of the team. The big guys are all athletic and capable.

Most interesting thing about this game so far? Well, there’s been a lot of talk about Indiana’s procedure during time outs. The team gathers around coach Kelvin Sampson on the floor, sitting on little stools.

UCLA coach Ben Howland sends his players to his bench, then takes a good 20 seconds or more discussing just with his assistants. Then all of them go over to the bench to address the players.

One thing we’ve noticed this year is that Sampson usually interacts with Rob Senderoff the most. Senderoff, who is the recruiting coordinator and works with the post players, also helps Sampson call plays.

Indiana’s other two assistants, Ray McCallum and Jeff Meyer, do talk to the players a bit. Jerry Green, a former head coach who serves as director of basketball operations, and Travis Steele, a young guy with coaching experience who is the video coordinator, also take some notes and talk to players. But for the most part, they’re not communicating with Sampson.

Some national basketball writer — Andy Katz or Seth Davis or someone of that ilk — should use his ability to get access to all these coaches and write an article comparing the way different staffs are put together and how they work during the game.


It’s halftime and UCLA has pulled away. From the latest scores flashing across my computer screen it looks like the lower seeds are still holding their spots. Indiana could have the chance to be the first one to be…oh, I dare not utter it….although it begins with u and ends with “pset.”

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  1. Most of the reporters from Indiana that I’ve talked to here tonight are predicting a Hoosier win. One said he thinks D.J. White will have a huge night.

    It seems like I see this game as a more difficult matchup for Indiana than most of the other reporters.

    I see the Hoosiers as having a better defense than Gonzaga and a more physical team. But the Bulldogs also appear to have some significant advantages – more firepower and diversity on offense, momentum at the end of the season and a recent history of tournament success. They are a scrappy, determined bunch who believe they will continue to surprise people with their success following the loss of Josh Heytvelt.

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