Lunardi ranks the teams, 1 through 65

ESPN’s “bracketologist” Joe Lunardi has ranked the entire field. Read it here.

I point this out mostly because he considers Illinois to be the 14th best team in the tournament, ahead of Wisconsin (17th).

The Badgers did beat the Illini in Chicago. Right?
Indiana, by the way, is 37 and projected to lose tonight.

One comment

  1. It seems like he is “ranking” them based on their how he thinks they’ll finish. For example, he thinks Illinois gets to the Sweet 16 and loses so he ranks them somewhere between 9-16, along with all the other sweet 16 losers. Then the teams he thinks will get to the elite 8 are ranked from 5-8, with his Final Four projections being the top 4.

    Thats why Wisky is 17th…because he thinks they’ll lose prior to the Sweet 16, yet he thinks they are the best of the teams losing in that round. Kinda confusing if you ask me.

    So not necessarily saying that Illinois is the 14th best team in the tourney. At least that’s how I interpreted it, I could be a moron.

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