McDonald’s All-American game, live updates…

Final: West 114, East 112

Gordon finishes with 13 points. He was very efficient in the second half, though, creating baskets with his ability to get to the net. A couple of times he missed tough layups but left easy put backs for teammates. Read more in the Herald-Times tomorrow.

7:56, second half: West 101, East 94

They’re playing it out here. Lots of dunks and other foolery. Can’t really say there’s been a stand-out here, although Beasley’s athleticism certainly is impressive. You get the feeling that a few of the guys who are more noted for fitting into systems — Rose, Gordon, Love and even Mayo — aren’t really able to just let go in a game like this. They all seem a little tight.


Ahh, they just played the song Ridin’ Dirty over the system, whisking me straight back to Assembly Hall. To be honest, I prefer the pep band version. Ahh, there’s nothin’ like ridin’ dirty in B-Town.

Gordon’s back in the game and just made a nice no-look pass to Kevin Love, who was cutting baseline and finished with an easy bucket.

P.S. — I refuse to give you the score. It’s a mockery of all that is sacred. (84-74, West.)


Half: West 68, East 57

Gordon has seven points, two rebounds, an assist and a steal.

His teammate Michael Beasley is the early favorite for MVP. He’s got 11 points and six rebounds to go with two assists and a steal.


1:31, first half: West 62, East 51

And we’re on pace for like 300 points, total. Awesome.

John Decker of just turned around and said he’s waiting to see Kevin Love, the future UCLA forward, make an outlet pass. When we were all in Sacramento covering the tournament, Bruins coach Ben Howland told us that Love would be the best outlet passer since Bill Walton. We’re waiting.


2:57, first half: West 53, East 47

Not a Gordon update, but a Bud Mackey thought. Hey, I’m in his home state. It should be allowed.

Mackey’s Scott County team somehow beat the Huntington, W.Va. team that had O.J. Mayo and Patrick Patterson playing for it. Both of those guys are here today, and are just astounding physical specimens.

We saw Scott County practice earlier this year, and the Cardinals didn’t have much size. How they handled Huntington is a complete puzzle to me, but I think a lot of the credit must go to coach Billy Hicks.

Huntington did beat Scott County in a rematch, but I think one win against a team with two of the best players in the nation is still a really impressive feat.


7:42, first half: West 40, East 39

Gordon’s unit — because that’s basically what they are, sort of like lines in hockey — has pulled the West ahead 40. He’s got an assist and finally hit a basket, albeit a pretty routine lay in near the net. He was just fouled and will go to the line.

His left hamstring may be limiting him a bit, but I think he’s also just being pretty patient right now.


10:41, first half: East 32, West 28

Gordon’s been out of the game, so no update there. He’s coming back in now.

Jai Lucas is listed at 5-10 and is probably smaller. But I’ve been impressed with his toughness.


15:58, first half: East 16, West 11

Gordon has missed a 3-pointer and a put-back so far. He’s guarding O.J. Mayo at the other end, not that anybody would ever really call what’s happening out here by the name defense.


Gordon will start with Kyle Singler (Duke), Kevin Love (UCLA), Michael Beasley (Kansas State) and his friend Derrick Rose (Memphis).


So a Louisville student who was born with no eyes and the inability to fully extend his arms and legs just sang the national anthem.

We won’t possibly see anything as amazing as that the rest of the night.

If I remember correctly, Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly wrote a column about him and the way his father pushes him around the field in a wheel chair during marching band. I’ll try to find it. It will make you cry.


So the clapping here makes me think Tiger Woods just sunk a putt on some really easy hole at a bogus tournament. It’s that lame.

But the lameness subsided most for Eric Gordon on the West and O.J. Mayo on the West as they were introduced. So that’s sets up this, uhh, burning rivalry.

Jai Lucas got a nice applause, too, since he’s undecided and could end up playing at Kentucky.


The boys have taken the floor and are, predictably enough, dunking all over the place. It’s all about the show here.


Dude, John Wooden is here. Gotta love that guy. He’s looking pretty vigorous for a chap of his age (96.)

You have to respect the fact that he had just one losing season as a coach. His first high school team went 6-11.

But what I think of is him declining to play in the NAIA Tournament because it didn’t allow black players to play.

All this sports stuff is nice, obviously. It gives me a way to make a living. But if you aren’t going to take the considerable power being a star athlete or coach grants you and use it to improve the world, what’s the point?


Man, the East was straight representin’ in the girls game, winning it 105-76.

And I promise you I’ll never try to write like I’m an ESPN anchor ever again. That was awful.

The hoops was listless to say the least. But I bet the players probably got a coupon for a free Big Mac out of it. Sweet! And unhealthy.


I’m here in Louisville, where the second half of the girl’s game is about to begin.

Eric Gordon and the boys are expected to begin play at 8 p.m.

Very sparse crowd here for the women. But a 6 p.m. game is a tough draw in a town that has very little tie to any of the players playing in the game.


  1. What a waist of time! This was worse than watching the nba all star game. It was every kid for himself out there, and it probably would’ve been more entertaining giving each kid 5 min. alone on the court showing off to the crowd instead of attempting to put together a team and pass this junk off as real ball.

  2. Hey Evan, I’m with you. I tried to watch the McD’s game on TV, but I couldn’t stand it. OK, here’s my dirty little secret — I ended up flipping the channel to see who got eliminated on American Idol. Just don’t tell anybody.

  3. Don’t feel bad Doug, I was watching some foreign news channel that I couldn’t understand. It was more interesting than the game.

  4. Within a week and a half of most of these kids final highschool game they are on a court with people they have never played with? The timin gof the McD game is a joke, which has made the game a joke. Play this game over the summer, let the kids get out of school, spend a couple weeks working together, then play. Might be a better game.

    And Evan, you were more than likely watching a future NBA all-star game, just didn’t know it.

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