NCAA selection show updates – Indiana to play Gonzaga again

Airline tickets to Sacramento are expensive. I had to give up on returning Sunday – at close to $800 roundtrip – and bought tickets at $519 each to return Monday.

Anybody else get a better deal?

With the logistics of getting to Sacramento so we can report on the game for our friends at The Hoosier Scoop taken care of, let’s get back to the tournament itself. This is draw for the Hoosiers.

Gonzaga is a good team for a No. 10 seed and if Indiana gets past the Zags, UCLA will likely be waiting. The Bruins, ranked No. 1 in the country earlier in the season, will have something to prove after being given a No. 2 seed.

OK, the news we’ve been waiting for is in. Indiana has a No. 7 seed and will play No. 10 Gonzaga. How about that? Gonzaga for the second straight year! This West Region game will be Thursday in Sacramento, Calif.

So I’m off to work on buying some airline tickets to Sacramento. Be back as soon as I can.

Midwest bracket just announced, here it is:

New Orleans
1. Florida, 29-5 vs. 16. Jackson State 2-13;
8. Arizona (20-10) vs. 9. Purdue (21-11)

5. Butler (27-6) vs. 12. Old Dominion (24-8)
4. Maryland (24-8) 13. Davidson (29-4)

2. Wisconsin (29-5) vs. 15. Texas A&M-CC (26-6)
7. UNLV (28-6) vs. 10. Georgia Tech (

3. Oregon (26-7) vs. 14. Miami OH (18-14)
6. Notre Dame (24-7) vs. 11. Winthrop (28-4)

Comments: Purdue ended up a higher seed than a lot of people predicted. Hard to argue with that, though, after the way the Boilermakers played in the Big Ten Tournament.
Well, we’re underway. Greg Gumbel informs us that the four No. 1 seeds are, in order of how the committee ranked them:

Midwest – Florida
East – North Carolina
South – Ohio State
West – Kansas

Obviously, UCLA hurt itself with its conference tournament loss. No real surprises here.

We’ve sent Chris and Chris (Korman and Howell) to coach Sampson’s house. We’ll have updates and photos from them tonight on the scene there, as well as reaction from the Hoosiers on their first-round matchup.

Like many of you, I’m at home watching the selection show on TV. My most urgent job tonight, depending on where the selection committee sends the Hoosiers, is to buy the cheapest, best airline connections as soon as possible because after the brackets are announced, flights fill up and prices jump in a hurry.

So I’ll be right here with updates on the brackets as they’re announced. And once we find out who and where the Hoosiers will play, let us know what you think about Indiana’s first-round matchup.


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