Indiana 94, Penn State 63 (Final)

Convincing win for the Hoosiers on Senior Night. IU scored 51 second-half points to put the Nittany Lions away. Here’s how the seniors did:

Suhr: Two points, which came on two late free throws. The crowd cheered for Suhr every time he touched the ball in the second half.

Wilmont: He started off cold, but Wilmont caught fire in typical Rod fashion. Wilmont had 21 points and 11 rebounds, his second consecutive double-double. Wilmont also had a one-handed dunk in the second half that brought the crowd to its feet.

Calloway: His shoulder didn’t seem to bother him at all Saturday night. Calloway had a double-double of his own, scoring 15 points and dishing out 11 assists.

Read tomorrow’s H-T for more coverage. Look on for video from tonight.

That’s all. Indiana tied the record for most 3’s in a single game with 17.

Seniors are getting ready to speak. We’ll have a report from that soon.


3:26, second half: Indiana 82, Penn State 59

It’s all over except the speeches. And the 3-point shooting, probably.


7:29, second half: Indiana 68, Penn State 50

Indiana is only one 3-pointer away from tying its season high of 14 — set at Penn State — and needs to reach 17 to tie the all-time single-game record. The Hoosiers are 13-of-27 from 3-point.

11:39, second half: Indiana 60, Penn State 43

Ratliff is 6-for-7 from 3-point and could challenge the record for most 3’s in a game, set by Rod Wilmont Wednesday when he hit nine against Northwestern.

BUT, Ratliff just hurt his ankle. He held it in his hand for a few seconds and then limped around after landing funny while trying to grab a rebound.


15:34, second half: Indiana 49, Penn State 40

This is what Penn State does. It’s gets a burst of energy, makes a play or two and knocks the opponent back a bit. But it never sustains. The Lions are the definition of a well-coached by over-matched team.


Half: Indiana 43, Penn State 31

Pretty much as expected here in the first half. Indiana’s knocking down shots and Penn State isn’t going to get by on Claxton only.


2:36, first half: Indiana 38, Penn State 24

Wonder how much Calloway will play if this lead stays. Seems foolish to leave him out there now. As Doug stated below, he looks almost back to normal today but the shoulder’s got to be a little weak.


3:35, first half: Indiana 38, Penn State 24

Uh-oh. Wilmont is feeling it now.


7:51, first half: Indiana 25, Penn State 17

Claxton’s got 13, including a 3-pointer right over Ratliff. When you watch a guy like Claxton — or Carl Landry at Purdue, or Wisconsin’s Alando Tucker, the best of the bunch — you can’t help but wonder what the Hoosiers would look like with a player like that. They just create so many problems with their versatility and drive.


9:50, first half: Indiana 23, Penn State 14

Indiana’s 11-2 run was spurred by — what else? — 3-point shooting. The Hoosiers are 5-of-8 as a team. Ratliff is a perfect 3-for-3, Bassett and Calloway have each taken and hit one, while Wilmont has missed his two and Suhr is 0-for-1.

Penn State’s having lots of success on the boards, especially on offense. They’ve got six compared to Indiana’s four defensive boards.

11:53, first half: Indiana 15, Penn State 12

Ratliff is hot from 3 to start the game. He’s hit two, one from each wing. Penn State is sitting back in a 2-3 zone, so the Hoosiers are launching up shots from everywhere.

In State College, Wilmont took 17 3-pointers and hit 7. I’m not sure why Ed DeChellis has chosen once again to be strong in the middle of the floor instead of the perimeter. The Nittany Lions have some athletic, strong players who seem to match up with Indiana’s forwards in Jamelle Cornley, Geary Claxton and Brandon Hassell.


13:42, first half: Penn State 10, Indiana 9

Sampson has to call the first time out on Senior Night, as Indiana is playing like a team that thought emotion would win this game. Penn State’s playing like a team that disagrees.

Ratliff into the game, presumably to cover Geary Claxton. He’s got six already.


The question must be asked: Is this also D.J. White’s last game in Assembly Hall?

He likely won’t answer it, but it seems fair to say White hasn’t yet taken his game to the NBA level.


Getting ready to go here at Assembly Hall. The three seniors will start.


  1. Once the game is over, we’ve got senior night speeches to cover and then the post-game press conference. Our deadline is 2 a.m., right?

  2. Ratliff now 6-of-7 on 3s. Is it possible Wilmont’s new school record of nine in a game will only stand up for three days?

  3. D & C,
    Why do basketball teams hold timeouts on the court instead of on the bench? I know it’s been going on for some time now…but what’s wrong with the chairs they have? Too close to those nosey reporters?

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