Results from Hoosier awards banquet

The Hoosiers held their first annual awards banquet Monday night. Here are the results plus a little analysis…

Student-Athlete Award (Best GPA): Adam Ahlfeld
I figured Errek Suhr would have won this award. Don’t feel bad for him though, he won eight others.

Leadership Award: Errek Suhr, Roderick Wilmont
Although his press conferences would tell you differently, Wilmont is often the most vocal Hoosier on the basketball court. And as was evident during Indiana’s’ victory over Penn State, he really has a keen ability to get the crowd involved. Obviously, Suhr is a winner here as well. His “lead by example” approach is inspirational to his entire team.

Take Charge Award (Most Charges): Errek Suhr
Unofficially over his four-year career: 3,271.

Community Award: Adam Ahlfeld, Errek Suhr
I have no jokes for this one.

Most Improved Player: Armon Bassett
I couldn’t agree more with this award. At the beginning of the year, I don’t think many people expected Bassett to being regularly starting and sometimes being the Hoosier’s primary offensive weapon. But going into the Big Ten Tournament, Bassett is arguably the Hoosier’s most dangerous player with the ball in his hands. His ability to penetrate, and create off the dribble, often jumpstarts IU’s offense.

Tight White Award (Top Second Team Player): Errek Suhr
I would have voted for A.J. Ratliff in this category. I think Ratliff is talented enough to start for the Hoosiers, but because of his ability as a pure-scorer, Sampson elects to bring him on the bench. There wasn’t a better example than last Saturday when Ratliff came off the bench to hit his first six 3s. Not to take anything away from Suhr…just saying.

Hoosier Board Award (Top Positives On/Off Court): D.J. White
No word on whether White also won: Hoosier Most Likely to Leave at Inopportune Time.

Mr. Hustle Award: Errek Suhr
I know Suhr wants to be a teacher when he graduates from IU and I hope he stays in the Bloomington area. Couldn’t you see him teaching at Bloomington North, starting off as an assistant coach, and eventually taking over the head coaching reigns? They could make a made-for-TV movie about it. Suhr would be played as Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom McKinney as Robert DeNiro and Kelvin Sampson as Morgan Freeman. I really like Morgan Freeman.

The real reason I want Suhr to stay in Bloomington is because I can’t wait to witness Suhr busting his behind at the SRSC or the HPER like he is guarding a Dukie at Cameron Indoor. There is no off switch on No. 11.

Best Defensive Player Award: Earl Calloway
He’s the best on the ball defender, and by far the fastest.

Best Rebounder Award: D.J. White
Mike White was robbed I say, robbed!

Landon Turner Most Inspirational Award: Errek Suhr, Roderick Wilmont
I couldn’t help but glance over at Turner time after time during the senior speeches Saturday night. He was down on the court, behind Sampson, and I saw Turner and the Hoosier’s head coach exchange embraces and words a couple of times. No doubt that Turner is the most inspirational Hoosier of them all.

Academic Achievement Award: Earl Calloway, Errek Suhr, Roderick Wilmont
Not sure how Ahlfeld doesn’t win this award, too. He has the best team GPA — must be his standardized test scores.

Outstanding Player Award: D.J. White, Roderick Wilmont
The Hoosiers could lose both of their Outstanding Player award winners next year. The loss of Wilmont can be filled due to the Hoosier’s deep talent on the wing, but the loss of White would really leave void in IU’s paint.

Senior Award: Earl Calloway, Errek Suhr, Roderick Wilmont
I think they gave out this award just to see how strong Suhr’s shelving units are.


  1. In re best rebounder, I think Wilmont was robbed. He rebounded better from the guard spot than anyone on the team. I simply can’t sympathize with your praise of “the other White meat.” Also, I’m guessing the academic achievement award had something to do with getting a degree, something I’m pretty sure Ahlfeld hasn’t done yet. Graduating is more of an achievement than having the best GPA for a short time.

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