Sacramento, Day 3…

The interviews have finished up and we’re sorting through all the info now.

A lot of talk about the traditions of each program and how the current coaches have had to help the programs evolve without forgetting the past.

The UCLA players are pretty impressed with D.J. White, although one did say, “He’s never seen a double-team like ours.”

More a little bit later . . .


My mother and father are huddled up under nine inches of snow in Reading, Pa. right now.

My little brother and I are making plans to sit outside and enjoy the warm night later here in California.

I think you know who wins this one.

Back at Arco Arena again, we are, preparing for some “media availability,” as they call it. Not sure yet who we’ll be able to talk to from the Hoosiers, but I’ll get you some sort of report as soon as I can.


  1. Chris has been taken out of the will. Thinking of leaving vast estate to intern or Doug’s dogs

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