Soccer scrimmage, live blog . . .

Made my way over to football practice earlier and am now sitting in the warm, happy confines of Bill Armstrong Stadium. Indiana’s men’s soccer team will scrimmage the Saint Louis Billikens.

I love when Hoosiers and Billikens fight. Nobody knows really what either is.

A few quick football thoughts from me. Doug will provide his more deeply researched and wittily presented thoughts posted here soon.

— Blake Powers will catch the ball. If it gets thrown to him. Blake, a former quarterback, pointed out that Indiana threw the ball to tight ends pretty much never last season. A careful examination of the last season’s stats reveals exactly zero completions to the tight ends.

Powers obviously needs to learn how to block. But he’ll never be a true Big Ten blocking tight end. He’s got too much to learn and not enough time. Such is life.

Not that Indiana really needs him to be a prototypical tight end, anyway. The Hoosiers’ scheme is based on quickness anyway, and throwing Powers in there as strictly a pass catcher shouldn’t present too much of a problem. He lined up in the slot a few times with the third-team offense, and that seems to be another viable option.

He did, by the way, make two catches today on passes where QB Kellen Lewis led him nicely and allowed him to run under the ball.

He did make at least two catches, according to my notes.

— The Hoosiers are going to rely on defensive line by committee. Head coach Bill Lynch thinks at least 10 guys can play there, and that the Hoosiers will be best served if they rotate in and out. There was no first team line, per se, today. A lot of guys took turns there.


  1. The official account of IU_SLU scrimmage says IU lost 1-0, but outshot and out-played the Billikens in the second half.
    What did you think?

    Were the Hoosiers’ creating better chances and just had some bad luck?
    Were there any personnel surprises or promising players that didn’t see much action last fall?

  2. Hey Devin,

    Just saw your question now, so let me try to answer.

    Indiana created more chances for sure, but as was the case last year had trouble finishing near the net. That problem was made worse by the fact that Brian Ackley, its best player in the air and toughest guy in the box, sat the game for disciplinary reasons.

    Daniel Kelly and Neil Wilmarth, both redshirt freshmen, took the field at Bill Armstrong Stadium and had strong, fearless games. Kelly will be a difference-maker right away on the outside, either at back or midfield, while Wilmarth should eventually develop into another option at forward.

    Thanks for the question.

    — Chris

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