Sunny in Sacramento….

Time to head out of the arena for the night. It’s only 8 p.m. here, so we’ve got some roaming to do. Where we are in Sacramento doesn’t seem bad. Should be able to find a good place to relax.

Still just a lot of shooting and clapping. Sorry. I’ve got nothing.


Okay, Indiana’s “practice” is now open to the press and the public.

Too bad it consists of nothing but stretching and jump shooting and lots of clapping by Adam Ahlfeld, easily the most enthusiastic player in all of college athletics. I dare you to challenge me on that. Go ahead, bring a cheerleader. You stand no chance.

It was unrealistic to think that the Hoosiers would work on Gonzaga-specific plays on offense or defense. Most of that stuff is done in walk-throughs back at the hotel, anyway. In fact, there have been times this year that the managers have had to create basketball courts on ballroom floors using tape so that Sampson could put the players through the exact steps he wants them to take.

Sampson has spoken.

Most interesting discussion of the day came when Indy Star columnist Bob Kravitz asked the coach what grade he’d give himself for this season. Sampson deferred to Kravitz, who dispensed with a B.

Sampson seemed OK with that at first but later fought for a B+.

Me, I think it’s too early to decide. I think Doug’s planning a end-of-year report card, whenever the end of the year gets here.


Indiana’s three captains — seniors Rod Wilmont and Earl Calloway and junior D.J. White — just addressed the media for a few minutes.

D.J. White said he’s treating this just like any other game, despite the fact that it’s his first NCAA Tournament appearance. He watched from the bench last year, out with a foot injury. He believes defensive rebounding will be the key to the game.

Wilmont believes he can shrug off his terrible game against Illinois.

Calloway will probably guard Raivio, Gonzaga’s leading scorer. He compared him to Michigan State guard Drew Neitzel, but said he’s better off the dribble.


The H-T has arrived after a crowded flight this morning. Weather here couldn’t be much better but we’re crammed into the media room at Arco Arena trying to get a few stories done before deadline. The clocks here say 4:30, and it’s 7:30 back home and my tired brain is telling me it’s about 10:30.

Indiana’s players should be up at the podium in a minute and I’ll try to file a report of what they’re saying.

I’ll get back to you in a few.


  1. Mickey – They got there Tuesday night around 7 … so they should be fine …. Going back 3 hours … takes a bit of an adjustment but staying up late the first night you are there and getting up at 8 am local time is the ticket to adjust.

    Chris… Typical Kravitz!

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