Tournament chatter . . .

I don’t see a way Indiana doesn’t make it to the NCAA Tournament.

Joe Lunardi over at ESPN thinks the Hoosiers would eliminate themselves if they somehow ended up playing Penn State on Friday and losing.

Stranger things have indeed happened — I heard Dollinger has a date tonight — but the Nittany Lions winning two games this weekend is highly improbable.

Anyway, Lunardi’s got Indiana as a No. 10 seed playing No. 7 Boston College in Winston-Salem.

As much as I respect Lunardi, I’m not going to analyze the Hoosiers-Golden Eagles game. It’s just too early. Too much can happen. No way does Indiana get a No. 10 seed if it wins two games this weekend.

I did, however, look up the weather in North Carolina and find it to be 66 degrees and sunny. I’m cool with that but I’m still holding out for New Orleans.

Anyway, this whole tournament selection thing remains a mystery, as it probably should be. It’s a subjective process carried out by people deemed smart enough to handle it. No mathematical formula is ever going to work, so this has got to be the way it’s done.

But there’s good news for Indiana on that front: Gary Walters, the head of the selection committee, spoke to reporters earlier today from Indianapolis, where the committee is beginning its deliberations as I write.

Walters smartly steered away from saying that any criteria held more weight than any other. But he did say this:

“(W)e have to continue to look at the performance of the teams within the unbalanced schedules of their respective leagues. But, frankly, we also have to look at the unbalanced schedules outside the league. Some teams have been able to fatten up in the pre-season or on home games while other teams have had a more arduous path as it relates to their non-conference schedules. Those will be issues that we’ll have to probe into very, very carefully.”

Now, Walters is the AD at Princeton so I’m not sure I’m supposed to be able to understand all that, but I read it as being positive for a team such as Indiana, which didn’t win a really significant road game (the UConn game is debatable) but did play well at Duke, Kentucky and Michigan State. It certainly didn’t over-indulge on easy home games during the non-conference season.

Anyway, I’m interested in hearing what you think. What’s a proper, fair seed for these Hoosiers? Where would you like to see them open the tournament? How many of you are planning a trip?


  1. If we beat Illinois and lose our next game, I say we are a 6 seed.

    If we win 2 games, we are a 5 seed.

    If we win the tourney, we are probably still a 5 seed because I am not sure it is factored in due to it being done so late.

    Lunardi is an idiot and never gets anything right. He predicted us to be a 9 seed right before last year’s selection show. We ended up being a 6.

  2. I would like to see IU as a 5-6 seed (which may be wishful thinking) and playing in Chicago or Lexington. This way we could have a solid crowd follow us to the site. Sorry….I know these sites would not provide the warm weather like New Orleans!

  3. Lunardi is good at picking the field, but he is definitely not a master of predicting seeds.

    Anyways, I think the Hoosiers are a 6-7 seed if they win a game in the BTT…if they beat Wisky or MSU in the semis then they are looking at the 5 seed range.

    I predict we end up a 6 seed and advancing to the sweet 16 when it’s all said and done.

    Thanks and be sure to catch my legendary stint on America’s Funniest Home Videos at an electronics store near you. The DVD is being sold for 45$. Go Hoosiers and Go HT staff! You guys rock!

  4. Seriously. Indiana as a 10 seed is shockingly low. If IU loses to Illinois I can see them falling as low as an 8, but if they take care of business against the Illini/Nittany Lions, I can’t see them being any lower than a 7. Win two and they’re as high as 5.

  5. Your an idiot Chris. You want the game in New Orleans or North Carolina for weather. Hello, fans support is much more important to IU then the weather and that is best achieved by playing in Columbus, Lexington or Chicago. The Hoosiers thrieve off there fans NOT the weather. The fact that all you care about is the weather is disgusting and I have just lost a lot of respect for you.

  6. Jim, “Your” should be spelled You’re. And “thrieve” should be spelled thrive, without the e. Keep up the good work Chris.

  7. Jesus Jim, settle down and step away from your keyboard. Perhaps go have a glass of milk and cookies. You need something to cheer you up. Also, you may consider waiting until elementary school graduation to start surfing the web. Thanks and good day.

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