Update (sort of): McCallum and Ratliff

Indiana assistant coach Ray McCallum, rumored to be a candidate for several of the open head coaching jobs in the region, is out of town this weekend (hmmmm…) and won’t be available until Monday.

The Tribune-Star has been all over Indiana State’s search for a new coach, and is reporting that McCallum is one of four finalists for that job. It also got the athletic director to deny an internet rumor that McCallum had already been offered the job.

Read the entire story here.

An interesting sub-story here is that while most of the Indiana athletic family will be happy for Ray to get another shot at being a head coach, fans of Bloomington High School North will be absolutely devastated. They’ll likely lose Ray McCallum Jr., one of the best players his age in the country.
Also, no word on A.J. Ratliff’s injured left wrist. He was scheduled to have an MRI Friday to determine what course to take. He may need surgery or he may be able to rehab.

We hope to have an update on Ratliff some time this week.