Big Ten Media Daze, live (sort of)

Thanks to the Chicago version of Mike P for the lesson on Chicago. Where should we eat tonight?

Quick wrap of what went on today:

Each coach spoke for a few minutes and then took questions. Most of the coaches discussed in unimaginably vague ways the strengths of their teams. Some even made glancing mentions of their weaknesses. I’ll spare you most of that, as it’s the same stuff you can find in any preview magazine or on any web site with a season preview. No one made any major news here.

Indiana coach Bill Lynch did say that the players will honor former coach Terry Hoeppner on both their uniforms and helmets. He wouldn’t go into detail about what the patch or sticker will look like other than to say the seniors picked it out and that it’s a fitting tribute to Hoeppner.

Lynch refused to say what type of disciplinary action he’ll take for linebacker Adam McClurg and reserve offensive linemen Sean Edmundson, who were arrested for theft earlier this month after failing to pay a taxi driver.

After Lynch spoke with the print media we received word that Blake Powers, who is currently listed as the second string tight end, was arrested last night for apparently throwing a water balloon into the open window of a police car. One can only imagine he was not aiming for that particular vehicle, but, hey, interceptions happen. Indiana spokesman Jeff Keag said that the matter, like the McClurg and Edmundson situation, will be dealt with internally.

Other hot topics: moving the kickoff back five yards from the 35 to the 30-yard-line, the possible addition of a 12th team, the ramifications of the Big Ten Network and whether or not Joe Paterno, were he to suit up again, would make first team All-Big Ten playing safety or if he’d be relegated to the second team.

OK, I made that last one up. Everybody knows where he’d end up. He’s so spry and ornery at the same time.


The Hyatt on East Whacker drive has failed to provide for us the necessary power outlets. So our computers are dying. I’ll sign off for now and bring any news ASAP.


Wait. Delany said something interesting.

The Big Ten has no plans for adding a 12th team. His original remarks, made to the Des Moines Register, where that the view on expansion probably changes because of the new network. However, there have been no specific discussions about expansion, and there are no special plans to do that anytime soon. The conference looks into it on a regular basis and will continue to do so.


Jim Delany has taken the podium to start it off. He’s opening his remarks by mentioning the football coaches with Big Ten ties who have passed away recently, including Indiana coach Terry Hoeppner.

He’s also going to address the overall status of the conference. Whatever that might entail. I’ll take some notes and report back with anything that stands out.


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