D.J.’s summer

Indiana senior forward D.J. White will fly to Philadelphia Thursday for the U.S. Basketball Pan Am team trials. He’s one of 32 players vying for a spot on the team.

The United States hasn’t won a gold at the Pan Am games since 1983. I let you do with that whatever you want. It’s so absurd I won’t even lower myself to the level of mocking it.

D.J. shared his thoughts on this summer, including workouts and the new guys, and I wrote about them in a story that will appear in Wednesday’s Herald-Times.

I’ll post snippets from that story — or the whole thing, since that’s easier — tomorrow.

But here’s fodder for debate: D.J. averaged 13.8 points and 7.3 rebounds a game last year. How will he do this year?


  1. I actually look for DJ to move closer to the 18 point range, but for the boards to be about the same. He will not start the season as timid (worrying about his foot), and will have a better team around him next year, with other players you just can’t leave alone.

  2. with the glut of guards the team’s going to have and the quantity of shots they’ll most likely put up, i see dj with somewhere around 16 and 8.

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