Doug’s weekend


You’ve all wondered how Doug spends his weekend. Now you know: he dresses up in goofy outfits and sits in public parks.

Doug’s table was a winner at the Picnic with the Pops this past Saturday. I’m told it was a tough contest to judge, but Doug’s free-spirited ways were truly reminiscent of the 1970s and swayed the judges.

Now, he won’t take off that tie dyed shirt.

To the left in this picture, by the way, is Doug’s girlfriend Julie. She makes her Hoosier Scoop debut, although all you can see is her back. Thanks to H-T photographer Monty Howell for snapping this photo and loading into our system so I could find it and post it here and endanger my status as an employee.


  1. No. I try to figure out wherever our photographers are going to be and avoid that area so that pictures of me like this don’t end up on the blog.

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