Football team adds three recruits

Indiana received verbal commitments from three high school seniors today, bringing their potential class of 2008 to 10 at this early date.

The Hoosiers’ most recent commits are:

Chad Sherer, a RB/S/LB prospect from Hamilton Heights, Ind.

The 6-1, 195 standout for Cicero high school made his name as a tailback last season, rushing for 1,260 yards and 20 touchdowns. But he’ll probably play defense at the college level. Indiana offered him a scholarship after he attended camp in Bloomington last month. According to, he also had an offer to play for Army.

Will Matte, an offensive lineman from Wheaton, Ill.

At Warrenville South, the 6-2, 263-pound Matte played center. He also attended camp at Indiana last month and received an offer then. According to, he also had offers from Ball State, Northern Illinois and Eastern Illinois.

Mark Damisch, an offensive lineman from Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Damisch fits the profile Indiana covets for its offensive lineman. He’s 6-6 and 275 pounds. According to he had offers from Army, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Toledo and Western Michigan.

Billy Lynch recruited Sherer, while head coach Bill Lynch did the work to bring Matte and Damisch to Bloomington.


  1. If you were being recruited by O$U, Michigan, Florida, etc, would you come to IU? I’m a huge IU fan, but we aren’t going to get huge recruits until we get to a bowl. The facilities upgrades will help, but we need to keep winning. Recruits want to see progress, and going to a program that hasn’t been to a bowl in 15 years isn’t a very attractive option. Anyway, its not all about landing 5 star players. I really wish some IU fans understood that it takes more than 1 year to rebuild a program.

  2. Most people don’t understand recruiting, even sports writers and ESPN when they talk about were the recruiting class ranks. That doesn’t matter, what matters is pulling guys to fill the spots where there are holes. Yes some top recruits would be nice, though you have to know not all top recruits are as good in college as they were in high school. IUJimmy – I am glad someone else who post here understands something about the sport.

  3. While Mike and Jimmy make fair points, I think everyone got a bit excited about the Finch commitment and thought IU was in that ballpark already. But of course, Finch pulled out. I think the recruiting has improved and will continue to, but that Finch thing is what got everyone confused. And yes, I think what we are hoping for as fans is that eventually someone will pick IU over Michigan or OSU, much like the basketball players who pick IU over Duke or Kentucky (although I can’t remember when we last got a Dukie, and I guess UK isn’t what it used to be, but you get my point, right?). As the program grows more successful on the field, the recruiting will follow suit. It would be nice, and when it happens it will be nice, to get to experience the other side of the recruiting coin. Won’t it be nice when we can talk about how a 5-star recruit didn’t pan out but the other 4 and 5-star recruits are leading the Hoosiers into January bowl games? I think in time we’ll see that.

  4. Hoosier Indy – Great post. And yes, it will be great when that day comes. Finch would have been a great player here, but he has a chance to play every week in the national spot light, something he wouldn’t get here.

    Like I said, you have to fill holes with the best players you can get. Any IU fan that thinks IU is a realistic thought for 4 and 5 star recruits need to wake up. There are a few that give us a look, until the big names come calling. A winning record and a couple bowl games, our 2 & 3 star recruits become 3 & 4 star recruits. Those days are still a few years away, but they are realistic.

  5. Hoosier and Mike, you are overlooking the biggest hole of all… HEAD COACH!!! Yeah, Lynch has some head coaching experience and is a nice guy blah blah blah. But, we are talking about a guy that couldn’t cut it in the MAC. Now he is taking over a very fragile situation at IU in a competitive BIG-10. Doesn’t look good for we Hoosier faithful. He had a chance to show what he could do last season and where did that get us? Sitting on our butts during the post season again… No 4 or 5 star recruit will consider IU as long as there is a huge ? at the head coach position….

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