Me and Thad, chillin’

Thomas had an off day. That must be it.

He missed another dunk, this one on an uncontested fast break. He’s 6-8 and, um, can’t dunk?

He played hard, at times. Seems to have some outside touch and can pass a little bit. As I said below, I don’t think he had much chemistry with this group.

Thomas is not taking questions about his college choice. In fact, his coach for Indy Spiece, who stands about 7 foot and is not an otherwise small man, stood quite close to me as I spoke with DeShaun. Such a gentle reminder.

The expo hall is clearing out. More than 400 college coaches swept through here this week watching kids from across the country.


Thomas’ team is holding on to a slim lead and has largely been unable to work their new star into the game plan. When they did give him and open lane, he missed a dunk.

Spiece is ahead 46-41 with 8:05 remaining in the game.


I came to Louisville — pronounced Lullvull, according to the locals — to see DeShaun Thomas play. There’s been so much hype about this kid and it certainly seems like he’ll be a top five player in the class of 2010 when those rankings are all completed.

So I came into the Kentucky Expo Center and was confronted with eight basketball courts. It’s a great setup for a tournament. But I had trouble finding Thomas.

Until I saw Ohio State coach Thad Matta. If he was sitting courtside, it had to be Thomas’ game.

It was.

Early scouting report: Thomas is playing in the 16-under bracket this tournament, having switched from an Indiana Elite team to an Indy Spiece squad. He doesn’t appear to have practiced much with these guys and there’s really no flow to the game right now. Thomas is big and athletic, of course, but really hasn’t shown much else. I’ll check in later with an update.