Sarkodie expected to start against Brazil

The United States can win Group D at the Under-20 World Cup by handling Brazil — considered one of, if not the most talented team in the tournament — Friday night.

A 6-1 thrashing of Poland, which had previously shocked Brazil, put the American’s in this position. Indiana back Ofori Sarkodie replaced Julian Valentin at center back 33 minutes into the match. Apparently Valentin is hurting and won’t be able to play against Brazil.

So, Sarkodie it is.

Anyway, check out this video of America’s goals against Poland. I’m sure many of you will still not be convinced that soccer is worth watching but there’s no way you can dispute the athleticism of these guys. Freddy Adu, who is still only 18, has been chided for his fits of brilliance and spurts of mediocrity throughout his pro career. In this game, he is brilliant.

Also check out the the UCLA star, Sal Zizzo, making a few incredible plays. He may be here Labor Day weekend for a tournament with the Bruins if he doesn’t sign a pro contract.


  1. Is the game with Brazil anywhere on TV – Direct TV? If so, day and time. Thanks.

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