The Week Ahead: Fourth o’ July

Though one is based on religion and the other is a Federal holiday, Christmas and Independence Day (aka The Fourth of July) seem to be the two celebrations that are most often used to define us as a nation.

While Christmas (substitute Hanukkah, if need be) usually turns out to be a good time where everybody emerges with new toys or at least a better wardrobe, I prefer the summer celebration of the birth of our country. What could be more American that sitting through sweltering parades, drinking a few cold brews, burning up some meat on the grill and finishing it all off my making things explode in the sky? What a country.

Hopefully you’ve all got some sort of family gathering planned for Wednesday. I’m as cynical as the next guy, but it’s hard not to think about how important family is after what happened with Terry Hoeppner. You just never know how long you’ll have together. And, as a favorite writer of mine, Richard Ford, once wrote in his novel “The Sportswriter,” you must always do your best to avoid regret. Ford, instructively, set all three of his books about Frank Bascomb during holidays. Family seems to come into focus then.
But enough of my literary musings. If you’ve come to this blog for book recommendations you’ve strayed too far and should probably be re-evaluating your very existence.

On to a brief outline of our planned coverage for the week: I’m hoping to speak with Dan Dakich, the Hoosier who’s returned to Bloomington to become Kelvin Sampson’s director of basketball operations. Looking forward to that one.

Could there be some recruiting news this week? Well, it’s summer, so no doubt. The AAU circuit is about to kick back up and maybe I can provide a peek at what to expect from that.

Doug has a few things working, as always.

Lynn Houser has an interesting story about a new semi-pro football team starting in the area. I think that will run in Tuesday’s paper, and you should definitely take a look at that.

So, what’s up with you guys? Any questions or suggestions? Got a recipe for a good Forth of July side dish you’d care to share? Anything. Just let me know you’re out there.


  1. Is there any talk of what direction Greenspan is going to take after losing coach Hep? I know Lynch is the coach, but surely he won’t be considered for the job after this season will he? I can’t handle this Mike Davis like atmosphere.

  2. Jonathan, if Lynch leads this team to a bowl game, how can you not consider him for the full-time job? You can’t just fire someone after leading a program to its best season in 15 years. Also, Lynch is NOT Mike Davis. Unlike MD, Lynch has plenty of coaching experience. I’m not saying he should be handed a 5 year contract, but lets see what happens at the end of the year. If we have a good season, I have no problem giving Lynch the job. If we go another direction, we will most likely start rebuilding all over again. I guess we’ll find out at the end of the season (hopefully after a bowl win).

  3. IUJimmy – I agree with you. Lynch is not a Mike Davis situation. Lynch knows the game of football, as well as knowing real talent. Something Mike Davis did not know (ex. Mike Conley Jr.).

    This team is very capable of being Bowl bound, with a bowl win. If Lynch meets those goals this year, he should be retained with the standard 3 year contract.

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