Thursday already?

Well, here we are barreling toward the beginning of August football. It’s been said before that these are the dull days of summer. But it seems to be going quickly to me. Because there’s news.

Ray McCallum, who is Kelvin Sampson’s lead assistant, appears to be the guy most Ball State fans want to be the next basketball coach. Judging from message board chatter — which is, I’ll admit, not a wise thing to do — the fine people of Muncie are ready for the prodigal son to return.

Andy Katz’s sources — who are, because he’s Katz and he works for ESPN, as strong as anyone’s — say that if McCallum is offered the job, he’ll take it. That surprises me. McCallum had the chance to jump to several in-state head coaching jobs this off-season and chose not to. Indiana State, especially, was interested in hiring him but in the end I think could not offer him enough money.

The Ball State job obviously offers McCallum the appeal of returning to his alma mater. But if that were so important, why would he leave the first time around, especially after a terrific season like the Cardinals had in 1999-2000 (when a team featuring current IU assistant football coach Billy Lynch went 22-9 and went to the NCAA Tournament)?

Family matters in this issue, too. In our odd SportsWorld, where we’re able to judge so much about a person by knowing so little about them, we tend to forget about the wife and kids. McCallum has two high-school aged kids, a son and a daughter, who’ve been moved four times this decade. I got the impression from him, when he turned down the ISU job, that he wanted some stability — even short-term — for them.

And let’s be honest. Indiana appears primed for a long run in the NCAA Tournament, with all the attention and fanfare that accompanies it. He would certainly be a name to throw around for bigger openings next April.

Tom Collins, the Ball State athletic director whose name makes me thirsty, is a desperate man. He wants to move quickly. Hopefully, I’ll hear something from McCallum soon.

What happens if McCallum does bolt? Dan Dakich is already on staff and would seem to be a good fit, but if he’d wanted to return to coaching as an assistant he had plenty of options before choosing to come back as director of basketball operations.

So, we know, right now, very little. Which is how the AD’s and coaches want it.