A sea of red in Tempe Beach Park

 The sea of red.

Thousands of crimson-clad Hoosier fans are basking in the sun at an Indiana pre-game pep rally at Tempe Beach Park, which is a short distance from Sun Devil Stadium.

IU trustee Pat Shoulders is the M.C. and he is fired up and loud, standing on the stage that will be the site of the Tempe New Year’s Eve Block Party tonight and yelling into a microphone. He just declared Tempe a new home of the Hoosier nation, with IU having outsold the other three schools that will play in the Insight and Fiesta bowls this week.

We also just heard from IU president Michael McRobbie and the IU band and cheerleaders are now moving through the mass of people up to the stage. We expect to have the players come through here on The Walk in about 20 minutes.

The band entertains the crowd before the team takes the walk.


  1. Hope to hear more & see more about the award-winning Marching 100’s members, too! Pics of the halftime show would be fantastic, sine the networks will invariably make the 1/2-time shows un-available as they always do. But our Marching 100 is the 2007 Sudler Trophey award band pick… and are a huge part of the celebration.

  2. Please post some half-time pictures of the band on the site? I wanna c the band’s stuff too, since the E. Coast TV isn’t available!

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