Ask your questions, share your tips

How lovely.

Some of you have been to a bowl game.

Some of you haven’t.

So, let’s have a discussion here about getting to and enjoying Tempe, Ariz. There are certainly worse places to spend the first night of a new year.

Let me just open it up to you. Feel free to ask questions — to be answered either by us or fellow posters — or share helpful hints you’ve picked up on along the way. Or just tell us about your travel plans and how you expect to party like it’s 2008 right after the Hoosiers Play 13.


  1. I guess one of the most obvious questions is what kind of team is Oklahoma State? What are our chances of winning? And specifically to Chris, will you be able to go into any practices between now and then to let us know how the team looks?

  2. Cate,

    Yes. We’ll be at practice on Friday and Saturday.

    We’ll also be talking with Bill Lynch, James Hardy and John Sandberg later tonight. I imagine there will be some discussion of how the last three practices went.

    We’re working on putting together a decent scouting report for Oklahoma State right now. I know for certain that the coach Mike Gundy is a man and he is 40.

    (Sorry if you don’t get that joke. It will be explained later.)


  3. This is my 1st chance to see IU in a bowl game & there’s no doubt I’ll be in Tempe. Part of me hoped it wouldn’t be Insight simply because that’s the most expensive one for me, travel-wise. But I really like the idea of watching IU play #13 & ringing in ’08 in the desert.
    I’ve been checking out the Insight Bowl’s website lately & I am intrigued by this block party of theirs.

  4. Thanks, Chris. I didn’t get the joke. And I do expect an explanation. 🙂 Thanks for the coverage!

  5. OK. I admit it took me a few minutes but I now get the joke, Chris.

    Please pass on the congrats to coach, Hardy & Sandberg when you talk to ’em later.

  6. What kind of idiot bowl game signs a TV contract with the NFL Network. Oh, well, it’s not like we’ve gotten used to seeing the Hoosiers on TV anyway.
    Don’t suppose there’s a chance the pigs, I mean executives, at NFLN would let a local affiliate broadcast or replay the game, is there?

  7. In case anyone hasn’t heard, all IU students get one free ticket to the game, if they call by December 15. Check the IU athletic website for the details. Also, check the IU Alumni Association site for info on pre-game activities.

  8. Well, they did let WTHR broadcast the Colts game when it was on the NFL Network.

    Chris, can you find out if these plans exist for the IU game as well?

  9. A very respectable poster on Peegs says the Indy stations WILL have the option to pick up the game.

    So being on the NFL Network will not be an issue for Central Indiana viewers.

  10. Chris, GREAT joke…I started laughing immediately and didn’t stop for some time after. Good work.

    I will say I initially thought I wanted to see IU in the Motor City Bowl because it was on ESPN and maybe more fans would go since it was closer, but after seeing how things have played out, I’m very happy with the Insight Bowl for a couple of reasons:
    1) PU is in the Motor City Bowl and we are in a better bowl than them! Having the Bucket and seeing them in a lower-tier bowl in a cold climate for New Years while IU is enjoying the warm weather of Arizona makes me smile

    2) I’m sure this is where the players and coaches would rather be if given the choice between the Inisght and Motor City Bowls because of the difference in weather. This is certainly a reward for the team and staff and they deserve to be somewhere warm for the holidays

    3) If we had gone to the Motor City Bowl, we’d be matched up against a MAC school and expected to win. If we had won, then that’s what we were supposed to do, but if we lose then it doesn’t look very good for us or the Big Ten in losing to a MAC school. Now the pressure falls on Purdue to beat Central Michigan for the 2nd time this season which won’t be easy. This makes me smile even more

    All in all, I think things worked out for the Hoosiers and I’ll be somewhere watching them hopefully improve their record to 8-5 as well as cheering on Central Michigan later that night!

  11. If anyone is looking for nonstop flights you may wish to check
    I hope the athletic dept. realizes, and soon, that they should charter a few flights. Otherwise, they are going to be left holding tickets.

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