Bowl day arrives

Last night, the bars on the main drag in Tempe, Mill Street, were loaded with Hoosier fans. At The Library Bar & Grill (great for college students – “yeah, mom, I was at the library for six hours last night”), we saw IU students singing the fight song and yelling, “I’m a man. I’m 40.”

They were even playing a lot of Mellencamp at the bar in honor of the visitors from Indiana.

Today will be another day full of fan festivities before the game begins. We’ll be providing reports from what I expect to be a huge IU pep rally near Mill Street four hours before the game, where “The Walk” will also be held.

In addition to The Hoosier Scoop, all of our coverage on from noon today to midnight tomorrow will be free to everyone. We’ll be giving live updates before and during the game on The Hoosier Scoop and will have complete coverage after the game on, including game stories and analysis, reactions from players and coaches, and photos and video from the pre-game and the game itself.

And if you’re in Tempe, in Bloomington or someplace else and would like to share your photos or videos of today’s festivities and gatherings with our readers, please submit them by clicking here. We’d love to have them.

We hope everyone has a great time on this long-awaited day and that you’ll join us throughout the day and evening to share your thoughts on the game and your experiences in enjoying this day with other Hoosier fans.


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