Bud Mackey playing ball again

Chris Howell | Herald-TimesThe former Indiana recruit — he was the first to verbal for the class of 2008 — has moved to Georgia and will begin taking classes at Redan High School (about 20 minutes outside of Atlanta) today. Mackey was arrested for trafficking crack cocaine in late September and still faces a grand jury trial (no date set).

But clearly Mackey is optimistic about how his future will turn out. He says he’s hearing from schools — Cincinnati, which he followed as a kid growing up there, is his favorite — and hopes to sign once his legal situation is sorted out.

“Once all of this is over it will be a great success story,” Mackey said.

According to the story, Mackey has spoken with Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson recently. Sampson wants Mackey to attend a junior college and then transfer to IU; Mackey doesn’t want to.

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  1. Doug and Chris, I know that Kentucky is 2-7 at Assembly Hall, but what’s IU’s record at Rupp Arena? Just wondering. Also, what about the record at neutral sites?

  2. Hey IUFan,

    My media guide is at the office, but I should be able to find this online if you give me a few minutes. I’ll check back then.


  3. IUFAn,

    Here’s how it breaks down:

    In Lexington, Indiana is 3-8 (but 1-6 at Rupp, which opened in 1976.)

    The Hoosiers are 10-17 at neutral sites.

    Hopes that it was you were looking for. And I hope I got that right.


  4. Bud Mackey’s story may very well turn out to be a success story…but not this year. He will most likely be found guilty of drug possession and trafficing, and have to spend some “quality” time behind bars. If Cincy or Florida still takes him for ’08 after all that, then they should be ashamed of themselves – what kind of message does this send to teenagers: “go ahead and sell drugs because if you get caught, no big deal, you’ll still get a scholarship to a major university.”

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