Can’t get enough women’s b-ball?…Me either

Here’s what CURT MILLER, the head coach at Bowling Green, had to say about the gravity of Indiana’s 75-67 win on Sunday, in which the Hoosiers trailed by nine at the break. Miller and Indiana coach FELISHA LEGETTE-JACK were assistants on the same Syracuse staff from 1994-98. I’m not sure I could state it any better than he did in the postgame press conference:

“What you saw tonight was a team that was backed into a corner…Knowing Felisha the way I do, she went in there at halftime and said ‘This is a defining moment. It’s either time that we play with pride and passion and give it all we’ve got or we’re gonna fold,’ and it might have hurt them for the season….Especially in the emotion, intensity, and the desire aspects of the game, they absolutely kicked our tails in the second half. And that’s a credit to them, because that was a wounded team that was about to have their sixth loss out of the last seven games. Hats off to Felisha and her staff to pull that out of them at halftime.”

And here’s what Coach Jack said about Indiana’s four-game losing streak heading into the day, albeit against solid competititon:

“One thing we were doing all four games, one person would step up, somebody else wouldn’t. We didn’t have the whole team psyched. Today, everybody stepped up and everybody did their part. Everybody pointed the finger outward when it came to empowerment and we were thinking more about the team than ourselves. And great things seem to happen when you give that energy outward; it comes back to you ten times fold.”

Sunday’s game was the third time this season that IU has had four players in double figures, as Amber Jackson (17), Jamie Braun (15), Nikki Smith (11), and Jori Davis (10) all hit for more than nine points. As one would hope, the team has won all three of those games.

Braun scored 14 points in the second half, during which she got to the free throw line 10 times and made eight of them. The sophomore point guard said she played with way more energy than she did in the first half, when she only shot twice and admitted she was passing more than she ought.

By winning rebounds, 43-37, the Hoosiers have pulled more glass than the opponent five times, or in half of their games. The team is 4-1 in those contests.

Something that struck me that I’ve noticed before is that Bloomington native Whitney Thomas has a tendency to score the first Hoosier points in games this season, and she did it again on Sunday. The junior forward has done this five times so far, again in half of IU’s games. She is rarely the high scorer, but Thomas has a knack for getting things rolling. Said Coach Jack of this tidbit:

“It just happens that way…Her numbers never illustrate how good she plays and how hard she plays, but she certainly is a force inside for us.”

Lastly, IU was finally, and I mean finally, able to close out a win after leading at some point in the second half, something they could not do in a few of their losses. Just knowing that they have this ability has got to boost confidence and certainly alleviates some frustrations on the part of the coaches. And Bowling Green was good too, the MAC champs three years running. Said Miller of the Falcons’ inability to close on Sunday:

“When you’re on the road, you’ve gotta go win games and not hope that the other team loses it, and we did not put Indiana away and we needed to. We needed to put the dagger in them or they were just gonna keep coming at us.”


  1. It was a good win against a Bowling Green team that looked very sharp. I was surprised the video talks about the IU height advantage, since it seemed to me BG had a taller team on the floor most of the time. BG seemed to tire at the end, and IU’s foul shooting came around just in time. At the half most of the BG lead was due to the gap in foul shooting.

  2. JIM:

    I agree with your height assessment. I thought BGSU was taller throughout the lineup. Maybe the BTN had that spiel ready to go because they thought Bowling Green would win, then forgot to switch the statement around when Indiana pulled it out.

    To back up your foul shooting statement, the Falcons had made 9-of-10 FTs at the half, and the Hoosiers were 3-of-8. By the time the game ended, BG stll had a better percentage, but IU had made 18 to their 16.

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