D.J. White BT Player of the Week again

Here’s this week’s release from the Big Ten:

D.J. White, Indiana

Sr., F, Tuscaloosa, Ala./Hillcrest

White averaged 22.5 points, 13 rebounds and three blocks to lead Indiana to victories over Tennessee State and Kentucky. Against Tennessee State, White had a career-high 29 points and added 13 rebounds. With IU’s leading scorer, Eric Gordon, out with injuries against Kentucky, White racked up 16 points, 13 rebounds and two blocked shots and became the 41st player in Hoosier history to eclipse the 1,000-point barrier (1,006). The Tuscaloosa, Ala., native now has five-straight double-doubles, a career high. White earns his second straight weekly conference laurel (Dec. 3) and the third of his career.


  1. Five weeks into the season and the Hoosiers have garnered 3 Big Ten POW Awards. Good job DJ, Go Hoosiers!

  2. we have waited a long time to see d.j. back to playing the way we knew he could. keep it up and this could be a very good year!

  3. We really have a shot at a national title this year… Our set of guards are arguably the best in the country, and we have a dominating big man in DJ. Not many other teams can boast a dominating inside guy and an elite level guard outside.

    As long as we do what we’re supposed to do, and take each game one at a time, we could very well end up in the national championship game. No doubt in my mind.

  4. Also… saturday proved that we can afford to give gordon a rest every now and then and still score points and work as a team. So those people who argued that EJ was our whole team, i hope you watched that kentucky beat down.

  5. Congrats DJ. Yes it was nice to see the Hoosiers play as a team and pound UK pretty good. Let’s hope our team chemistry continues to improve.

    Let’s play and win a few conference games though, and try to work our way through a few less suspensions, and ineligible situations.

    Maybe after that, if the NCAA doesn’t screw us to the wall with our coach, we can see about a great tourney run.

    First things first.

    Now back to football. Do any of you guys know anything about IU football practice? Any of the guys who were hurt at the end of the season going to be able to contribute in Tempe? Gimme some football scuttlebutt!!

  6. Hey Kevin,

    I’m going to have a story in the next couple of days about Demetrius McCray. He will be back for the bowl game and other guys who were playing hurt at the end of the year – like Wyss and Emerson – expect to be at full strength. Lynch has said he expects everyone to be back for the bowl game except for guys who had surgery – like Relogle and Terrance Turner.

  7. Any chance that Jane Hoeppner will be in a team meeting while in Tempe? A little sunshine from her, along with the warm climate might light a fire. I feel it will take a night of minimal mistakes for the Hoosiers to overcome. Maybe Jane walking thru the team with a gallon bucket of superglue so we can hold onto the ball. Go Hoosiers! Take Tempe!

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