Ebanks’ abscence partially explained

Recruits on the move

Devin Ebanks (above in the black shirt) won’t return to his St. Thomas More Prep team until after Christmas, his coach told the always-on-top of things Zagsblog.

Ebanks is the centerpiece of Indiana’s recently signed recruiting class. The 6-8 wing forward has missed his team’s last five games.

According to Prep coach Jere Quinn, Ebanks is taking a few games off to deal with “family and school situations.”

My New York source — firmly entrenched in the basketball scene there — says it’s well known that Ebanks has been not-so-gently told to deal with those off-the-court situations by the school.

In other words, he’s been suspended.

Quinn, for what it’s worth, has not returned phone calls from The Herald-Times seeking comment.


  1. I cant believe you would step over that line, sometimes life calls on taking steps towards your future and as the poster above stated your SOURCE isnt up on this one……..

    I will make it easier to understand, if our recruit to the south HAD the support system that Devin Ebanks has he might still be in line to come here next fall. Now, does that make sense, aligning a young mans future to ensure that everything happens the way it should.

    PS:Your comment on being suspended is quite harsh, first I had heard it put that way, but I guess it depends on what side of the fence you stand on and if its OK for kids to have support systems to once again ensure their future GOALS are met……..

  2. Devin is the shit, and if he needs to take a couple months off to get his grades and priorities straight so be it.

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