Eli’s looking sharp (and very red)

Indiana freshman center Eli Holman was on the court working out about two hours ago.

But he won’t play today, due to that left wrist injury.

He came out of the locker room with bright red pants on and a matching vest.

Armon Bassett is also dressed in street clothes, though he is decidedly less dapper.

We haven’t seen A.J. Ratliff yet, but he wasn’t with the team during warm ups. Ratliff, the senior guard, is waiting to become academically eligible again.


  1. Chris (or anyone else), is there any other way to listen to Don on the internet besides paying for it through Yahoo? I really need to invest in a radio, apparently.

  2. Cate,

    I’m not seeing anything. There were a few sites that streamed the games earlier this year but that doesn’t appear to be the case tonight.

    As you can guess, Yahoo! wants to protect the rights it paid for (and is trying to make you pay for) so I’m sure it didn’t appreciate the stations that streamed past games.

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