1. Do you know if they are keeping those retro helmets or are they just practicing in the ones they used against PU?

  2. What is going on with the helmets? They look like the ones they used during the season (except Purdue) but with a stripe. Are these a new thing? Can’t we just stick with the block “I” from the Purdue game? They are the best helmets we’ve had in 13 years.

  3. Bill Lynch said yesterday that for the bowl game – like you are seeing in this video from practice – IU will have the stripes on its helmet like it did in the Purdue game, but the helmet will have the IU logo instead of the block I that was used with the retro uniforms for the 30th anniversary of the Rose Bowl game. He said they’re doing that because fans and the team seemed to like the stripes. I think a lot of fans also like the block I, but the university wants all of its team to use the official logo (that it paid quite a bit of money to have designed a few years ago).

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