Fox 59 to show Insight Bowl

Indianapolis TV station Fox 59 will carry the Insight Bowl between Indiana and Oklahoma State live on New Year’s Eve.

Fox 59 general manager Jerry Martin said the NFL Network, which is televising the game but isn’t carried on basic cable locally, made the game available on Friday to Indianapolis TV stations so Fox 59 submitted a bid to carry it.

The NFL Network informed Fox 59 today that it had won the rights to carry the game.

“Apparently, we had the highest bid,” Martin said.

The Insight Bowl will be shown on both the NFL Network and Fox 59 (in HD) in the Indianapolis TV market, which includes Bloomington and surrounding areas.  


  1. Jeff, you are quick! I just posted this and was adding a final sentence saying that it will be in HD on Fox when I saw your question.

  2. I’m surprised — it’s called the Insight Bowl and Insight doesn’t carry the NFL Network….talk about contradiction.

  3. insight carries the nfl network. its part of a digital sports tier.

    however, i am unsure if there is an affiliation between insight cable and the insight company that sponsors the game…

  4. Ok, I saw some on cut and pasted on Peegs, but why is it so hard to find some Insight Bowl merchandise?

    Link anyone? I need a new hoodie.

  5. Folks,

    The Insight Corp. that is affiliated with the Insight Bowl is NOT the Insight Cable company. This is an often made mistake.

  6. Ron is right. The Insight company that sponsors the Insight Bowl is a world wide IT company.

    There is a merchandise link on the website. I don’t know what, if anything is on it (I have not looked).

  7. Yeah, their website is pretty crappy and the merchandise links didnt work and/or were outdated. And, IU has been slower than I expected with this. Oh well.

  8. BJ, I approved your comment but it looks like our blog can’t use a link that long (at least it doesn’t work for me). Good work on the early report. Now we’ve got you and Korman looking for raises on the Scoop.

  9. BJ, Korman works hard? What’s so hard about working seven days every week? One advantage of this schedule is that he avoids the Monday blues because he doesn’t get the day off on Saturday and Sunday. Since he is doing a great job for us, we are considering giving him Christmas Day off.

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