Gordon, Bassett (not really an) update

Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson spoke to the conference media this morning. He was asked about the status of Eric Gordon and Armon Bassett. Here’s what he had to say.

“Not really an update on Armon’s status,” Sampson said. “That’s game to game. He has some work to do before he gets back. I’m not sure when that will be. ”

As for Gordon, Sampson thinks the freshman guard is feeling better.

“I think the big thing for him is getting in his stance and sliding laterally,” Sampson said. “He has pain that shoots up his left hip and the left side of his back.”

The Hoosiers, of course, don’t play until Saturday. And then they play a team called Western Carolina.

So, in other words, take all the time you need, E.J.


  1. Kyle,

    That’s our understanding, as it has been all along. Kelvin has also repeatedly referenced the Dec. 15 date for his return.

    I’m not sure why the radio crew — that’s who started this, right? — said he wouldn’t be eligible until Dec. 22, but obviously I’ll try to find out. I imagine it’s possible that A.J. won’t actually know his grades by Saturday — since finals only end on Friday — but I’m not sure.

  2. Better rest AJ too. Let’s get Jordan and Jamarcus more playing time. Sampson certainly has mastered the “no comment” language. Bob Knight might still be here if he had adopted that style. No Swampy…….I am not a Knight lover. Just a parallel. You guys must rack your brains to ask a question that Coach might possibly fully answer. Keep up the good work.

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