Gordon receiving treatment on day off

The Indiana men’s basketball team has its mandatory day off today. This figures to be an important day away from the court since this is the last week of classes and finals begin next week.

Eric Gordon, who injured his back in Indiana’s 84-72 win against Tennessee State last night, is being treated for soreness today. He was taken to the hospital for x-rays last night, which, according to Indianapolis Star beat writer Terry Hutchens, came back negative. Hutch caught the Gordon family after the game when it returned from the hospital.

Jody Demling, the recruiting writer for the Louisville Courier-Journal, had Sampson on the radio show he co-hosts with columnist Rick Bozich — if there’s a better college hoops columnist, I’d like to know about him or  her — and Sampson said that Gordon wouldn’t be able to practice today.

Demling wrote an abstract of the conversation on his own blog, and shared these quotes:

“That was a nasty fall,” Sampson said. “I didn’t really see it. I was blocked out when he fell, so I didn’t realize how bad it was until after the game. He didn’t come down directly on the tail bone, it was more on the side.

“It was a really nasty fall. We’re not practicing today, but he couldn’t practice today if we were. So, hopefully he’ll be able to go on Thursday.”