Gordon’s not shooting yet

Most of Indiana’s players have taken the floor for some sort of warm-up by now.

Eric Gordon, a player notorious for being out early to get some shots up, has not been on the floor yet.

Which could mean nothing more than he’s still receiving treatment on his bruised back.


Looks like the comment below is right on: the entire team is out on the floor right now, except for Gordon and Bassett.


  1. JUST IN i was watching the CBS halftime report and Seth Davis said that Sampson told him that Gordon is listed as DOUBFUL for todays game and if he does play he will be limited

  2. Big A,

    I didn’t see Gordon walk in, but I really easily could have missed him.

    Not real sure right now. Will keep checking.


  3. I’m going to have to guess this is one of two things. One, Gordon’s still in the locker room getting some type of treatment on his back and is planning to play. (i.e. they’re hiding him from Kentucky)

    The other option is simply that he’s not playing.

  4. <p>Agreed, if I had to make a guess, I’d say he won’t be playing.</p>
    <p>It will be interesting to see how the Hoosier backcourt performs without their two best players.</p>

  5. Looks like IU (without Gordon and Basset) v. UK (without Jasper or Meeks) – Here’s hoping DJ has a career defining day.

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