Halftime Analysis

Jordan Crawford guards Joe Crawford.

If someone would have told me when I woke up this morning the Hoosiers would play without their starting backcourt, Armon Bassett and Eric Gordon, and still have a 12-point lead heading into halftime, I would have laughed at the idea.

But that’s exactly where we are after 20 minutes. It’s been an interesting day thus far, and I’d only expect some more surprises. First things first: the players that needed to step up for the Hoosiers are doing just that. I can’t think of an IU player who is having an off game.

  • Jordan Crawford, having missed the past three games, is doing the job at point. He’s posed, aggressive, and getting the better of his brother Joe, a UK senior
  • DeAndre Thomas:8 points, no fouls? Did that really happen? Thomas’ play was one of the biggest catalysts for IU’s dominating first half
  • Mike White: Like always, White’s a battler down low and he’s doing the dirty things IU needs to win. He’s without a doubt an invaluable part of the Hoosier lineup.

On top of that, Kentucky is just playing straight up bad. Really bad. Aside from Patrick Patterson, who’s impressed me quite a bit, the Wildcats are sloppy, a step slow and undermanned.

For those of you not in Assembly, feel free to shout out your reactions to the first half and Chris and I’s analysis.


  1. Any reason why Eric’s dressed if he’s not playing? He didn’t look too happy when the TV panned to him early in the game.

  2. Cate,

    Good question, one that I hope will get answered in the post-game press conference. I can only assume he is available to play in case of an emergency.


  3. If I remember correctly, we saw Stemler dressed for a game or two last year when he couldn’t play because of injury.

  4. Zak, I’m assuming you mean that Mike White is without (a doubt) an invaluable part to the Hoosier lineup.

    You can probably call me overly sensitive, but as a college graduate (IU ’05), it really annoys when commenters don’t proofread or write things that aren’t clear.

    I know you guys are always under duress when it comes to writing this stuff, so I’m a lot more forgiving to you guys than some of the posters I see here. Please stay at a higher standard over us lay writers.

    Other than that, thanks for all the HT’s coverage- though I’m on the West Coast, I would GLADLY trade a week of great California weather (though it’s raining in San Diego right now) for one game of Assembly Hall Hysteria.

  5. Sorry about that. It was a mad scramble in here during halftime, and I was in a bit of a rush to get out there before play started again.

    And if you catch any of Chris’ mistakes, give him some grief too.

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