1. Chris, there’s a website called pollspeak.com where you can see the details of each AP Voter’s rankings. Some guy from Riverside, CA named Dan Weber didn’t even vote for IU this week, after having them 17th last week. What a joke.

  2. Jeff,

    To be fair to Mr. Weber, he ranks Xavier 25h.

    While you could easily argue that Indiana has improved markedly since losing to the Musketeers right after Thanksgiving, you could also argue that the Hoosiers haven’t faced a real challenge since then. Southern Illinois isn’t as good as it has been, and Kentucky is as bad as it’s ever been.

    I don’t envy the voters. Frankly, it’s practically impossible to have anywhere near an informed vote (and that goes for the coaches, too) unless you sit around watching a whole lot of video of games from around the country. And most of us are more focused on the teams we cover.

  3. Good points, but why did he have us 17th last week? Was a 48 point win not good enough to remain in the top 25? Anyways, I’m gonna email him and see if he responds.

  4. Ok, the writer replied already to someone else on Peegs. Guess it was simply an oversight, even though he checks his rankings several times over.

    Thanks Chris…

  5. This early in the season, rankings are based on reputation more than anything else. Do you think voters have time to see every team play? Once we get into conference play, the rankings are legit as the weak get eaten by the strong.

    ps need more Zak posts.

  6. Agree. I saw that one voter left out the Hoosiers. Didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, even if he had Xavier ranked 25th.

    I don’t think you can keep them out of the top 25 (after having them 17th the week before) following a week where they played one game and won it big. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

    Look for something either tomorrow or Wednesday.


  7. I agree. Rankings dont mean squat right now. Exactly for the reason that you question this guy who forgot the Hurryin’ Hoosiers. Blow your horn KennyG. Zak does need to ask another “hot button” question. I love to read all sides and then top it off with Swampy’s assessment.

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