In the Dawg Pound

An SIU student shouts something.

Dear Indiana University students,

You have been shamed.

The denizens of the Southern Illinois student sections — the Dawg Pound — have been here in their seats for an hour. They’re all wearing white. They are all standing. They are vicious.

They booed Brett Finkelmeier. That, Hoosiers, is how it is done. You have to get the walk-on guard at the end of the bench off his game, and then you move right on down the line.

In fairness to you, there are reasons that the Pound showed up as early as it did: first of all, the students were allowed into the game before the rest of the fans. They were here when we rolled in, almost two hours before game time.

Also, the students here have prime seats. They’ve got the entire section behind one basket, and half a section behind another.

The football team’s 34-27 win against UMass in the quarterfinals of the Division 1-AA playoffs didn’t hurt school spirit.

But the real reason for all the fervor? This Indiana team might be the most talented basketball team to play here since Indiana State played a game here in 1979.

That team, you’re probably too young to remember, was lead by a guy named Larry Bird.

This team is led by a fella named Eric Gordon, who walked out to chants of “Gordon sucks! Gordon sucks!”

Which leads me to say this: to your credit, you are not liars.

All my very best,