INDIANA 70, KENTUCKY 51 (with post-game audio)

D.J. White celebrates the Hoosiers’ win.

Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson said he thought one of the reasons Indiana was so successful was that it contained Patrick Patterson and held him to 15 points. He though the post players did a good job doubling him but that the real key was that his guards were able to shift to where they needed to be.

That was really the essential question of the game: which team’s depleted group of guards would play better? Clearly, Indiana won that. Ramel Bradley got into early foul trouble and never was effective. Joe Crawford’s shots were off all night.

Jordan Crawford, meanwhile, had 20 points. Jamarcus Ellis had 12 points, five assists and five rebounds.

“I thought that we played tough,” Sampson said. “I don’t know that we played great, but we played tough. That was something we knew we had to do today: grow up and be men.”

Listen to the post-game press conference with Sampson, White and Crawford.


  1. I have never seen Ky. play that poorly, I know we had a lot to do
    with it, but if things don’t improve there I have to wonder about
    Gillespie’s job.

  2. It’s early, and they’re just learning his system. If anyone remembers, the Hoosiers didn’t look all that great in Sampson’s first few games as coach. Give Gillespie some time; he’s a winner.

  3. I’d like to see side by side pictures of DJ White, one from his freshman year and one now. His arms and shoulders are BIG. He’s turned into quite the intimidating big man. It felt good on Saturday to hear commentators noting the rebounding difference and frontcourt “beef” that we had over UK. For the last few years that has been a missing piece, but with DJ, DeAndre, Mike White, and Stemler…we have some nice interchangeable pieces up front. Then hopefully Eli can learn from them and step up next year.

    One thing that bugs me is how often people on message boards (peegs) complain about Eli’s lack of playing time. It’s as if these people see all the practices and are better at evaluating who should play than Coach Sampson. Please people, if Eli was ready to play, he would play. You all don’t go to practice. Let Sampson decide when the time is right.

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