Eric Gordon is in pain after falling to the floor and hurting his back in the first half.

That’s the final score.

What matters more, though, is the status of freshman guard Eric Gordon, who injured his back in the first half and did not return.

A source has told The Herald-Times that Gordon has gone to the hospital to have his lower back looked at. More to come after the press conference.

ADDED: Sampson just said that Gordon will be fine, but he has in fact been taken to be examined.


  1. Does anyone know the latest on Gordon?!? He looked like he was in a lot of pain sitting on the bench in the first half. I hope is back 100% for the Kentucky game, I know that they are having a down year but without Gordon we will have our hands full.

  2. Sampson was very short when discussing him, and Chris had to ask three consecutive questions to get the information we got. He said he’s fine, rather confidently, and said Gordon and Crawford would be in the line-up for Saturday’s game against Kentucky.

  3. I just heard Sampson on the local radio (AM-1570) he mentioned that Gordon would be playing Saturday against Kentucky and the Crawford would indeed be playing in the game too. The host asked who besides Gordon was he impressed with the most this year, his answer was Crawford. Hopefully the young man takes what coach is trying to teach him and does something productive with it.

  4. I’ll agree with you Big Daddy. Crawford is a big talent, but he’s a work in progress and Sampson knows that. He definitely has the ability to become an All-Big Ten player in the coming years.

  5. After last night’s poor play and with Crawford coming back, Bassett should not see the floor for a few games. He played defense like he was on ice and his poor ball handling and sloppy passing made him a liability last night.

  6. I think Crawford provides a necessary spark off the bench, but I don’t see Bassett heading to the bench anytime soon. He’s earned the starting job at point guard and I don’t see him giving it up. Because of McGee’s illness and Crawford’s suspension, Bassett and Gordon have been forced into major minutes in the past few weeks. They should perform better with more rest and the addition of Crawford (and finally Ratliff) after the Kentucky game.

  7. A lot of IU fans had and still have very high expectations for this team. Those expectations may or may not be realized, but if last night is any indication, this team has a lot of heart, but not much chemistry. Poor play, especially against the press at times in the second half, standing around on offense, and poor half court defense left IU very vulnerable against an inferior, vastly infrerior, opponent. Hopefully practice and coaching will resolve the problems, I am trying to be patient, but it’s difficult.

  8. How many rated teams are going to play to their
    potential with their point guard hobbled, their scoring
    leader hurt, and players like Crawford and AJ on the bench?
    Be patient – these kids are tired, undermanned and
    deserve a lot of credit!

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