Final score: Indiana 64, Southern Illinois 51

INDIANA 58, SIU 49 (1:02)

  • Shaw hits a 3-pointer to give SIU a little bit of hope.

INDIANA 54, SIU 39 (3:29)

  • D.J. White and DeAndre Thomas both have four fouls.
  • The SIU fans are leaving. In droves.

INDIANA 51, SIU 37 (4:21)

  • Gordon flies in for an important defensive rebound.
  • The Hoosiers need to stretch their possessions, and be cautious. They’re more winded than the Salukis right now.
  • Ellis drives, dishes to Mike White — one bothered covering him, which is OK because he won’t shoot. But he will pass. To Eric Gordon. Who is open for a 3.

INDIANA 48, SIU 35 (7:31)

  • White picks up his third foul.
  • Right now, there’s a contest happening. The winner is the craziest fan in the place. Problem? No one is in the mood to go crazy.
  • Gordon has 19 points. White has 11 rebounds.

INDIANA 46, SIU 34 (9:09)

  • Gordon and Bassett blow it open with back-to-back 3s.
  • Indiana has eight blocks.
  • SIU has six points this half.


  • Gordon gets into a bit of a shoving match for the second time this season, and the rest of the team comes to his defense again. He took exception to some rough treatment under the basket.
  • Now he goes end-to-end, splits two defenders and hits a left-handed lay-in.

INDIANA 38, SIU 30 (13:00)

  • Bone drives but loses the ball.
  • Gordon draws the foul. He is so good at initiating the contact. Probably because he has had to do it for so long.
  • Gordon is doubled and alertly feeds Stemler. His shot is wildly off the mark.
  • White to the rim. . . scores.
  • Another block by White in the middle.


Indiana now has a 23-19 rebound advantage. But it has turned the ball over 10 times to SIU’s five. The Salukis just don’t have much offense.


  • Gordon grabs the rebound and decides to charge up court. None of his teammates go with him. Is that laziness on their part or Gordon taking it upon himself to run without that actually being the game plan?
  • Gordon taking over. He blocks Mullins, then badgers him into stepping out of bounds.
  • Now he pulls up and hits.
  • Southern Illinois throws it away.
  • Bassett tries to get Gordon a shot — smart move since he’s hot — but turns it over.
  • No matter. SIU rushes a shot and Indiana gets the ball back.
  • Now the Hoosiers throw it away on an apparent miscommunication.

INDIANA 34, SIU 30 (17:50)

  • Indiana turns it over on the first possession, then allows an easy drive to the lane. But the ball rims out.
  • Tough defense to start, as the teams are playing with energy coming out of the locker room.
  • Now a steal and break for Shaw, who dunks.
  • Sampson needs a time out to settle his club down.


Blogging will be sparse this half. Tight deadline tonight.


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