Indiana at Southern Illinois, in-game analysis


  • Mike White gets a bucket going up against Falker. Those points are really important. A guy like that scoring in a situation like that is what allows a team like the Hoosiers to win a road game like this.
  • The Hoosiers have taken the crowd out of the game. It is quiet and awkward in here.
  • Bassett drives and leaves softly for Thomas, who scores.
  • Mullins gets to the lane with only a second left and scores while being fouled. Wait, they’ll go to the replay to see if they should count the basket. The officials are conferring. It counts. And Mullins hits the free throw.

INDIANA 30, SIU 25 (1:45)

  • Indiana has done a better job of rebounding while pulling ahead. SIU’s edge is just 16-14.
  • Gordon misses the first of a one-and one.
  • Clemmons comes back and hits from the left side.
  • Indiana works the ball around to Stemler, who hits a 3.
  • Falker misses from inside. No touch on that try.
  • Bassett called for the charge.


  • White hits from the baseline after a strong sequence on offense.
  • Falker comes back and hits while drawing a foul.
  • Gordon makes a great play driving and drawing SIU before dishing to Stemler for a wide open 3. He misses.
  • The Salukies knock down a long shot.
  • Gordon takes the 3 this time. It goes in.
  • Falker beats three Indiana players in the post and scores. He is also fouled.
  • Ellis has three fouls. He’s been playing well on offense.
  • Gordon from very deep. He scores.
  • Falker with the rebound and he’s fouled as he goes up for the lay in.
  • That’s as good as Bassett has looked in a while. He darts in and hits the pull-up jumper
  • White gets a big block on Falker, and the fans want a foul call. It’s not coming.
  • Now Gordon draws a foul and the fans are incensed.

INDIANA 18, SIU 16 (7:45)

  • Ellis knocks down that 3, which brings Indiana within one but more importantly makes the Salukis think hard about dropping the guy who is supposed to be guarding him into a helping role.
  • White hustles to get that ball but throws it away. Remember, he’s working through second-game problems.
  • Falker again with a bucket down low, as he just out-quicks White, shooting almost as soon as he got the ball.
  • Gordon knocks down a 3 from deep.
  • Bassett rushes the shot but a fine effort by White puts Indiana ahead by two.
  • Now a missed Salukis shot and Gordon draws a foul in transition. Now he goes to the lane and draws a foul and will shoot two free throws. He hits both.
  • Another bucket in the paint comes easily for SIU, as Fay banks it in.


  • As of the 14:17 mark, Southern Illinois has an 8-3 rebounding advantage.
  • Play resumes, and the Hoosiers force a turnover. Bassett breaks, and gets to the line, where he hits both.
  • Falker without much trouble in the lane.
  • White’s shot misses badly.
  • Gordon called for the foul there. Not much chance to avoid that as he was diving for a loose ball and got in Falker’s path.
  • Ellis gets into the lane and shoots over two defenders for a transition bucket.
  • Southern Illinois works inside out, and although the 3 doesn’t fall it spreads Indiana defense and makes for an easy rebound and put back by Shaw.
  • Salukis now have a 12-5 rebounding advantage.


  • Falker reads the double team and finds the open man. The Hoosiers are not good at either defending that play or making it happen at the other end.
  • White’s shot is defended well and misses.
  • Now a bad shot from the Salukis leads to an Indiana chance.
  • Gordon gets open for a 3 and misses but Ellis is there for a tip.
  • Gordon drives but can’t hit. Salukis the other way.
  • Wesley Clemmons hits his first basket of the season. He’s been out with an ankle injury.


  • Stemler gets the start alongside the regulars. He immediately takes a 3-pointer after White wins the tip. And he misses.
  • Falker misses a mid-range jumper, but there’s that hustle and grit the Salukis are know for as they get a save. But they can’t score.
  • Stemler with a save of his own at the other end. Ellis goes to the basket. He’s called for the charge.
  • Mullins gets to the rim with ease.
  • White turns around and hits a jumper.
  • Green and Mullins work it around the paint a little, with Mullins eventually hitting.