Insight Bowl, in-game analysis

Kellen Lewis breaks from the pocket.

  • Indiana kneels on it with 10 seconds left.


  • Hunter and Robinson find holes on the first two plays of the drive, and Robinson throws to Newton for a 14-yard gain.
  • Robinson tries to throw deep for Bryant, but Nick Polk gets in the way and has an interception.


James Bailey returns the kick 12 yards to the 20.

  • Lewis uses a quick drop and finds Hardy for a 6-yard gain.
  • Now Means grabs a pass over the middle for seven. Hoosiers are in a hurry-up.
  • Lewis has to bounce outside and his pass misses Hardy. Flag on the play. Looks like a holding. And it is. Ben Wyss is the culprit.
  • Lewis had Bailey open and finds him late. He puts all his has behind a pass that way and it sails high, missing Bailey and getting him leveled at the same time.
  • On 2nd and 20, Hardy down the sideline. Pass not in a spot to catch the ball.
  • Lewis throws toward the sideline to Means for a gain of nine.
  • So with 1:06 left and 11 yards to go for a first, Indiana will punt.



  • Drive details: 8 plays, 63 yards, 3:07

Thompson takes a wobbly, short kick and returns it 27 yards to the 37, where OSU starts.

  • Robinson has his second-string tight end, Justin Waller, wide open running up the seam. He hits him for a 23-yard gain.
  • Now Robinons keeps for a gain of three.
  • Hunters gets around the right end and has another first down.
  • Robinson keeps on the inside option, bounces out right and has an 11 yard gain.
  • Robinson on the wide pitch right, he’s hit for no gain by Justin Carrington.
  • Middleton, looking for that first sack, jumps offsides.
  • Now Hunter runs forward for 7.
  • First and goal from the two, Robinson ahead for one.
  • Same play. Robinson gets in this time.



  • Drive details: 12 plays, 80 yards, 4:32

Thigpen with another return. He gets out to the 20-yard line this time and that’s where Indiana will begin what certainly seems like a drive it must score on to have any hope in this game.

  • Lewis misses on a pass across the field.
  • Now a delay of game pushes the Hoosiers back to a 2nd and 15.
  • Lewis escapes the pocket and gains 7 yards.
  • A big play by somebody other than Lewis (although Lewis had a part.) He finds Bailey over the middle, who picks up 10 yards after the catch.
  • The Hoosiers have first and 10 at the OSU 48. Thigpen carries for a gain of three.
  • Lewis gets away again, but there’s a flag where he used to be. Which means it is probably a holding call. And it is.
  • After a brief foray into OSU territory, Indiana’s got a 2nd and 17 from their 45. A nicely designed screen to Fisher gets 13 and the Hoosiers near the mark. Now a flag. Probably a personal foul. And it is. That helps.
  • Indiana’s at the OSU 27 with a new set of down. Bryan Payton takes a screen. He’s met by Jeremy Nethon for a loss of three.
  • Lewis has to run left again and that’s the short side of the field. He tosses the ball away.
  • Now it’s 3rd and 13 at the 30 and Lewis goes right to what works: He fires over the middle to Hardy for a first down.
  • First and 10 from the 13. Payton on the inside hand off, has a hole and hits it hard. He’s up to the 2-yard line.
  • Hey, why not give it to Payton again? Because of that: he hits a wall and loses two.
  • Lewis darts right and throws for Hardy, who drops it.
  • Thigpen takes a little flare pass and ducks past a tackler for the touchdown.



  • Drive details: 11 plays, 57 yards, 2:54

Pat, the TV guys are wrong. Tracy Porter is back in the game as Oklahoma takes over at its 43.

  • Robinson to Savage left for two yards.
  • Polks gets up to make a pick. Doesn’t matter. IU was offsides.
  • Indiana finally pressures Robinson, and he attempts a risky pass that falls to the turf.
  • On 3rd and 3, Robinson starts drifting right but sees a hole he likes and easily gains another first down.
  • Bryant powers ahead for a first down but there’s going to be a holding call on Bowman.
  • Will Patterson just left the game for the Hoosiers. Seems to be hurt.
  • Robinson rolls right and finds Bowman curling back for the ball. He jukes away from one tackle and gains 15 yards.
  • Savage tries to reverse field and Leslie Majors blows through a block and knocks Savage down for a 6-yard loss.
  • Bryant again breaks through a multiple tackles and gains 11.
  • That makes it 3rd and 5 from the Indiana 20, and Robinson audibles at the line. He throws to Bryant at the line, and he picks up his team’s 13th first down of the half.
  • Robinson throws into the end zone for Pettigrew, who can’t haul it in.
  • Robinson tries for Bowman in the back of the end zone but his pass sails.
  • So it’s 3rd and 10. Robinson starts left on the option. Then he pulls off it and stands in. He’s got Bowman alone in the end zone. He’s the only guy around. And he catches a touchdown.


Thigpen gets a chance for a return and goes 16 yards. The Hoosiers begin at their own 16.

  • Thigpen looks for room and finds none.
  • Lewis locks on Thigpen running a short wheel and almost has his pass picked by the defensive end.
  • On 3rd and 10, Lewis sees a seam and takes it. Hoosiers needed that long run.
  • On 1st and 10 from the 29, Thigpen goes middle and loses a yard on the final yard of the first quarter.
  • Lewis tucks and runs out to the left sideline and ahead for 20 yards and another first down.
  • Ray Fisher pulls the Ray Fisher special and goes backwards eight yards.
  • Lewis rolls all the way right to the far side and has to tuck and duck ahead for one yard.
  • Lewis finds Andrew Means out on the left flat and he uses that surprising speed and dive at the end of the run to get 16 yards and a first down. But OSU will challenge the spot. And it will win that challenge.
  • The Hoosiers now face 4th and 1 from the 43, Lewis is in the shotgun. Lewis rolls right and throws for Fisher. And misses badly. Awful, awful, awful play call.



  • Drive details: Six plays, 54 yards, 1:57

Oklahoma State starts at its own 46.

  • Porter is not back yet for the Hoosiers.
  • Indiana lines up in the neutral zone and gives OSU a 1st and five.
  • Kendall Hunter goes left on his first carry and gains six.
  • Now a screen to Hunter goes for 24 yards. That’s OSU’s ninth first down of the game.
  • Bryant gains seven on the short pass.
  • Hunter tries the left side again and gains two.
  • On 3rd and 1, Robinson pushes ahead on his own and gains three.
  • On 1st and goal from the 7, Robinson keeps on the option and gets around the right end to score. That’s the play Indiana loves, and more often than not Lewis hands the ball to Thigpen, who is stopped seconds later.


Thigpen again downs the ball after receiving it in the end zone. Indiana starts at the 20.

  • Payton takes the handoff on an inside option and gains three.
  • Lewis heaves deep for Hardy, who seems to have a shot at making the catch but is bumped as the ball arrives.
  • Indiana faces 3rd and 10, and Lewis rolls right. He seems to have room in front of him but instead of running throws the ball away. He needs to at least try to get to the marker there.
  • Hines’ punt is almost blocked, and goes 37 yards. Bryant returns it six yards.



  • Drive details: 8 plays, 53 yards, 2:33

Oklahoma State starts from its own 47.

  • Robinson throws deep for Bowman but Porter is on him the whole way.
  • Now a quick screen to the other side of the field, and Dez Bryant gains 11.
  • Robinson ducks inside on an option. Wrong choice. He loses 2 yards.
  • Pettigrew runs up and cuts back toward the sideline, where Robinson finds him for a gain of 19 yards. Safety Nick Polk was on the coverage.
  • Savage goes left for a gain of seven. Strong blocking again down the field by the Cowboys. At the end of the play Indiana’s Greg Brown, a load of a DT, runs over CB Tracy Porter, who stays down on the field. After a delay of several minutes with Porter down on the field, he is helped to the sideline.
  • Now Savage follows blockers right for nine.
  • Savage tries the middle and is stopped. Late flag, though, is a late hit by Bryant, which pushes the Cowboys back and puts them in a 2nd and goal from the 24.
  • Robinson buys time with a pump fake to the right and then throws for Bryant, who has run by both Chris Phillips — Porter’s replacement — and Polk to dive onto a perfectly placed pass.


Thigpen receivers the kick in the end zone and stays there. The Hoosiers will start their second drive from the 20.

  • Lewis has no time and has to throw the ball away before the play begins to develop.
  • Lewis is again pushed outside the pocket and has to throw to Thigpen nearby for a gain of no yards.
  • Hardy finds space over the middle — even though DB Ricky Price has help from Donovan Woods — but the pass is too high and he can’t bring it down.
  • Michael Hines punts.



  • Drive details: 6 plays, 67 yards, 2:16

Al’Darius Thompson returns the kick 19 yards to the Indiana 33.

  • OSU opts for option wide right on the first play, and QB Zak Robinson pitches to Dantrell Savage for a gain of eight.
  • Robinson keeps on second down, going left for 12 yards.
  • Bubble screen to Adarius Bowman right, and the big wide out finds three yards through the pack.
  • First big mistake by the Hoosiers: Porter makes a helluva play to get to Savage but then grabs him on the facemask and is called for a 15-yard personal foul.
  • OSU’s already at the Indiana 30, and Robinson boots left and lofts a pass ahead to TE Brandon Pettigrew for a gain of 13.
  • Power football time. The Cowboys flow right and Savage, behind great blocking from Bowman, gets within the 5.
  • Savage barrels through the line for a touchdown.



  • Drive details: 11 plays, 52 yards, 4:19

Oklahoma State kicks off deep to James Bailey, who weaves his way to the 23-yard line.

  • Lewis from the shotgun, hands to Thigpen on the option. That’s Indiana favorite game-opening play. Thigpen loses 3.
  • Lewis steps into the pocket and throws to Hardy, who had muscled away from his defender for a gain of 14.
  • Lewis stands in and finds Sexton settled underneath the safeties for a 7-yard gain.
  • Lewis is flushed right, but curls around into open space and gets upfield for 14 yards.
  • On 1st and 10 from the Oklahoma State 45, Thigpen takes an option hand off right and gains three.
  • Lewis bootlegs across his body and throws to Ray Fisher near the marker for five yards.
  • Facing 3rd and 2, Lewis throws to Payton, who’d gone from the backfield to the flat, for a gain of six and the third first down of the drive.
  • Fisher takes the double reverse for two yards.
  • Thigpen scoots behind the left side of the line and gets four yards.
  • On 3rd and 4 from the 25, Lewis is flushed and has to run left. He tries a cross-body pass to Thigpen but can’t get it there.
  • Austin Starr will attempt a 43-yard field goal with no win. He hits it. That’s his 20th of the year and sets a new single-season Indiana record.


Both teams have taken the field. We’ve heard they’re expecting a full stadium but as of now only about 70 percent of the seats are full. We have a better view of the Oklahoma State side of the field, and it’s very orange. But the Crimson is folks seem to be having a better time, jumping up and down and waiving noise makers.


  1. Why does every time IU gets a drive going, they try a reverse or some other trick play that kills it?

  2. Good thing I didn’t drop a grand to fly out to Tempe to watch this disaster. I can just turn off my TV.

    I’m done. Happy New Year everyone.

  3. why does IU play so soft on pass defense?OSU competes for the ball and challenges our receivers. We usually have our back to the ball and couldn’t knock it down if we wanted to. Why does IU do that?

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