IU bowl ticket sales up to 7,300

H-T reporter Mike Leonard just told me that IU is up to 7,300 tickets that it has sold or has reserved for students who will attend the Insight Bowl in Tempe. IU has 10,500 tickets to sell that it purchased as part of its agreement with the Insight Bowl.

Mike is working on a story for Monday’s H-T and HeraldTimesOnline.com about Hoosier fan excitement for the bowl game.


  1. So, it sounds like we’re doing fine. But, relate this to a “good turn-out” and “traveling well” that we heard so often.

    How many Hoosier fans in the stands in Tempe would be considered respectable? How few would justify that we dont “travel well”/how many would excced expectations?

    I never really bought in to the we dont travel well argument, but I’d like to gauge what sort of goals we ought to have. Thanks for all you do.

  2. We will be there with about 14 of our friends. When considering the cost of airfare ($600 avg.), I suspect that IU officials would be fairly happy with the sales.

  3. Here’s an update from an IU press release Saturday. Indiana has now sold and allocated 7,500 of its 10,500 tickets.

    The release also says the game will kickoff at 6 p.m. Bloomington time, not 5:30 as was previously announced. I’ll confirm that as soon as I can.

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