IU Lady Hoops vs. Bowling Green

INDIANA (5-5) downs BOWLING GREEN (6-2), 75-67

A great win for Indiana, which puts a halt to their four-game slide and knocks off one of the best teams in the MAC conference.

Stats: Falcon guards Lauren Prochaska and Lindsey Goldsberry both had 17 points, as did the Hoosiers’ Amber Jackson, who added 11 rebounds. Jamie Braun had 14 second-half points to finish with 15, and Nikki Smith and Jori Davis were also in double figures for the Hoosiers. Indiana outshot, outrebounded, and outscored Bowling Green in the paint.

Hoosier freshman guard Haylie Linn makes her second start of the season. She replaces senior co-captain Nikki Smith, who will play as a reserve for the second consecutive game.


BGSU 43, IU 34: Four minutes into the second half, and the teams have traded a couple of baskets each, but Jamie Braun makes a free throw after a timeout to get within nine. Braun, the Hoosiers’ leading scorer has just two points today.

BGSU 43, IU 37: Amber Jackson gets another good look, assisted by Whitney Thomas. Jackson has 10 points now, and on the next trip, Braun gets two more FT tries, making one of them again.

BGSU 43, IU 40: Here comes IU!!! as Kim Roberson unleashes a 3-pointer.

BGSU 43, IU 43: Jackson layup and one!!! to tie the game. Jackson has 13 points, and Chelsea Albert is sent to the Bowling Green bench with three fouls.

BGSU 46, IU 46: The Falcons get a 3-pointer but Nikki Smith ties it again with one of her own with 12:30ish to play.

BGSU 50, IU 50: It’s Action Jackson time again, as Amber now has 15 points with 11:15 to go. Roberson had a chance to give the Hoosiers a lead, but on Smith’s pass on a fast break, she’s caught in the air and fires a layup too strong.

IU 54, BGSU 50: Roberson makes up for it later, making a pair of free throws. Braun does the same, giving the Indiana a four-point lead with 10:04 left in the game. Bowling Green has a size advantage, and they’re getting more and more physical as the game winds down.

IU 54, BGSU 52: Jackson isn’t perfect, as the junior forward fouls Lauren Prochaska on a 3-point shot that didn’t fall. Prochaska was wide open but would have missed anyway. She makes two of the three. A timeout follows soon after with 7:55 to go. Prochaska has matched Jackson’s 15 points for the game high.

IU 56, BGSU 53: Tracy Pontius brings the ball up the floor for the Falcons and trips over her own two feet at the top of the key. But Whitney Thomas is whistled for the foul, her third.

Tara Breske, Bowling Green’s starting center, fouls out with 6:35 left in the game. She drives for a layup, but Braun draws the foul. IU leads by five.

IU 62, BGSU 56: Roberson gets a sweet layup on a back door baseline slash fed by Thomas, but at the other end, Lindsey Goldsberry knocks down a 3. Roberson is then hacked on the next Hoosier possession and makes two free throws.

IU 64, BGSU 58: Braun makes a nifty little jumper to retain a six-point lead for Indiana. She’s up to nine points now after just one at halftime. 3:33 to play…

IU 71, BGSU 60: Smith drains a 3!!! from the corner with 2:07 left.

IU 71, BGSU 65: Goldsberry keeps the Falcons alive with a 3!!! The clock reads 59.8 seconds while BGSU takes a timeout.

FINAL: IU 75, BGSU 67: Ballgame, Hoosiers.


Bowling Green 13, Indiana 3: At the first timeout with 15:48 on the clock, the Falcons’ lead has developed in the post. Starting forward Tara Breske has 5 early points and backup center Chelsea Albert has an easy layup.

BGSU 13, IU 8: Amber Jackson sinks two straight jumpers to get the Hoosiers back within five.

BGSU 19, IU 13: Timeout with 11:19 to go..Seven players on the Falcons have scored, while Jackson’s six points have kept Indiana in striking distance. Andrea McGuirt has checked in for the Hoosiers, having seen just 13 minutes in three ballgames this year.

BGSU 26, IU 21: Hoosiers were within two, thanks to Jackson and Jori Davis, but two quick buckets, including a 3-pointer from Jennifer Uhl, got the difference back up. Now McGuirt gets a chcne to get on the board with a pair of free throw attempts. She hits one.

BGSU 30, IU 26: Whitney Thomas makes a jumper while nearly falling over her defender. There’s considerable contact but no foul called.

BGSU 37, IU 26: Lauren Prochaska has emerged as the Bowling Green leading scorer with seven points. There’s 2:00 to play in the first half when Lindsey Goldsberry nails a 3 to give the visitors a larger cushion.

HALFTIME: BGSU 37, IU 28: Indiana gets the last shot of the half, but Linn misses short off the front of the rim. Jamie Braun brought the ball up, found Thomas driving the lane, and Thomas kicked it out to an open Linn. Again, a decent looking play, but the Hoosiers don’t convert.

Some Stats: Jackson leads all scorers with eight points. Thomas has seven, as do Prochaska and Goldsberry for the Falcons. Both team shot around 40% in the first half, though neither was hot from beyond the arc (a combined 3-for-14). But Bowling Green made 9-of-10 free throws while IU just 3-of-8.