Kentucky at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)


  • More after the interviews.

INDIANA 70, KENTUCKY 51 (1:00)

  • Jordan Crawford with good vision, finds D.J. White open for a jumper.
  • Jordan is angry about something as he’s forced to try to drive with six seconds left in the shot clock and draws a foul. Sampson brings him over and basically hugs him.

INDIANA 66, KENTUCKY 47 (3:55)

  • Thomas shows off his range, hitting from 15 feet.
  • Now he’s running all over the defensive side.

INDIANA 64, KENTUCKY 46 (4:49)

  • Quite the dunk by D.J. White.
  • Patterson gets open and scores his 15th point of the day.
  • Crawford draws the foul by staying with that and really pushing up the court. He hits two free throws and has 20 points on the day.
  • Ellis fouls out. That makes it a bit trickier. So tricky, in fact, that Sampson uses a time out.

INDIANA 58, KENTUCKY 39 (6:33)

  • Ellis drives the lanes and banks with his left hand.
  • Joe Crawford hits a 3, and Gillispie calls a time out.

INDIANA 56, KENTUCKY 36 (7:41)

  • Not much left but the derision from Indiana fans directed at Kentucky players and fans. Oh, and this flag tradition.

INDIANA 56, KENTUCKY 35 (9:37)

  • Now Porter fouls out. The Wildcats have fouled 10 times this half, the Hoosiers just three.
  • Thomas hits the first but not the second.

INDIANA 53, KENTUCKY 35 (11:07)

  • Joe Crawford gets through the lane and banks one off the glass. He then looks at the ref and says something that earns him a technical foul.
  • Ellis shoots the ensuing free throws and hits both.
  • Jordan pulls up and hits his shot.
  • Patterson banks one in to keep this game from getting completely out of hand.
  • Porter comes back with a 3.

INDIANA 48, KENTUCKY 28 (13:51)

  • Bradley fouls out with 13:51. Indiana is now in the bonus, too.
  • Any guesses at how many points Kentucky will manage to score. I say 42.

INDIANA 48, KENTUCKY 28 (14:01)

  • Joe Crawford at the line, being serenaded with chants of “Jordan’s Better.” Makes the first, misses the second.
  • White comes free and Ellis lobs over the double team to him. He hits a jumper.
  • Harris gets a rebound and hits his shot.

INDIANA 46, KENTUCKY 25 (15:59)

  • Jordan Crawford drills a 3.
  • Stemler with a hustle play to throw it off Patterson.

INDIANA 41, KENTUCKY 25 (17:32)

  • Mike White has a pass slip through his hands.
  • Much to everyone’s delight, Stemler takes a charge.
  • Ellis into the lane, off the glass and scores.
  • Porter misses an open lay in, then kicks the rebound out to Bradle, who misses an open 3.
  • Ellis again gets inside for a shot, which he hits.
  • Mike White grabs that ill-advised Kentucky pass.
  • That was Bradley’s fourth foul. The ‘Cats are in trouble.