Kentucky at Indiana, in-game analysis


  • Ellis to the line. Hits one of two.
  • Mike White picks up his third foul of the game, brining D.J. White off the bench. Patterson hits two, cutting the lead to 7.
  • Jordan gets to the lane but can’t get the lay-in to fall. He’s fouled, and hits one of two.
  • Jordan’s fouled by Joe.
  • Bradley open for 3 . . . misses. Ball to Indiana.
  • D.J. White hits a jumper from deep.
  • Porter calls time out so Kentucky can set up the last play of the half.
  • Whatever coach Billy Gillispie planned didn’t work, as Porter launches a desperation 3 that hits the front of the rim.

INDIANA 31, KENTUCKY 23 (2:59)

  • Scrum under the net . . . Mike White eventually gathers and and is fouled.
  • By the way, D.J. White has been on the bench for almost six minutes, which is the better part of this run.
  • Patterson hits two buckets in a row to cut Indiana’s lead to 10.
  • Jordan has the ball stolen away when he’s doubled. His brother Joe takes it in and dunks.

INDIANA 29, KENTUCKY 15 (5:58)

  • Thomas shields the ball with is body, then goes up for a hook shot and hits.
  • Kentucky commits its sixth turnover of the game there.
  • Thomas tries the same move but misses this time.
  • Now Crawford to the line. He makes the first, misses the second. Thomas grabs the rebound and scores.
  • Potter with a turnover.
  • Ellis in transition, finds Mike White, who is fouled.
  • Bradley will stay in with three fouls.
  • Eli Holman comes off the bench for Indiana.

INDIANA 23, KENTUCKY 13 (7:58)

  • Joe Crawford again cuts through the zone but can’t finish.
  • White tries at the other end and misses.
  • Feed into Patterson…he hits.
  • Indiana takes an early 3 . . . misses and goes to Kentucky.
  • Patterson’s all over the paint. Grabs a board and draws a foul from D.J. White.
  • Jordan steps back and hits a 3 off the drive and dish by Ellis.
  • Bradley answers with a 3 of his own as he’s left with room to shoot.
  • Jordan Crawford banks a 3 after using a screen to get around Joe. No respectable player would ever take that in a backyard game. Here, it counts.
  • Patterson just about pounds Lance Stemler into the ground on that dunk that turns into a 3-point play.
  • Mike White again showing a knack for getting open. He takes the inbounds and is hacked going up for the basket. He hits both.
  • Jordan Crawford steals and goes in for a layup. This place is deafening.
  • A foul on Jordan quiets the crowd.
  • Bradley misses the front of a one-and-one.
  • Thomas rolls away from the screen and takes a return pass. His shot from the free-throw line banks off the glass and in.

INDIANA 11, KENTUCKY 5 (11:50)

  • Thomas, a non-factor the past couple of games, immediately makes an impact. He cuts through the lane and hits a lay-in while being fouled. Then, he poses with his hand on his hip. drawing cheers
  • Bradley turns it over.
  • To Thomas again…he draw’s Porter’s second foul. That’s big because Porter is a strong defender. Thomas misses both free throws.
  • Back to 2-3 zone . . . Joe Crawford can’t hit.
  • Thomas gets the ball with some room again and tries to dribble. That turns out to be an ill-advised move. He turns it over.


  • Jordan Crawford to the hole . . . and misses. Fight for the rebound . . . ball out of bounds off Indiana.
  • The Hoosiers are in man now, and are double-teaming Patterson when he gets the ball.
  • Jordan Crawford again uses a screen to the get to the hole, but he pulls up and misses another shot.
  • Joe Crawford takes it to the rim, has his shot blocked.
  • D.J. White takes a feed from Ellis, turns and hits from the baseline.
  • Indiana back in zone now. Really mixing it up.
  • Stevenson flubs the open lay in.
  • White takes a deep shot — the kind he was making against Tennessee State — and misses.
  • Stevenson hits this time and is fouled. He’ll shoot one, and DeAndre Thomas will replace Mike White, who has two fouls.


  • White hits two free throws.
  • Indiana’s playing almost exclusively zone defense.
  • White called for the charge.
  • White with a very tough defensive board there. Went up and knocked the ball away from two Kentucky sets of hands.
  • The brothers were just scolded by the official for pushing each other. Wonder if Mom told him to be on the lookout for that.
  • Each team misses a shot and we head to our first media time out.


  • Here we go.
  • Kentucky gets the tip.
  • Jordan Crawford is guarding hte point of attack, Kentucky point guard Ramel Bradley. That’s one to watch.
  • Patterson misses his first shot of the game. Indiana rebounds.
  • D.J. passes over the double team and finds an open Mike White for the first basket of the day.
  • Now Patterson finds Coury open in the zone for an easy lay-in.
  • Guess who’s guarding Jordan Crawford? That’d be Joe Crawford.
  • Ellis lets go from three and hits.
  • Joe Crawford tries from 3 and misses.


Indiana’s going to start Ellis, Crawford, Mike White, Stemler and D.J. White.

Jordan Crawford just walked over and said something to Joe, who is standing with the other Kentucky starters and stretching right now.


A little bit louder here than usual before a game, although I think the fans are realizing that Gordon and Bassett won’t play. You can see most of the heads in the building looking at Gordon on the bench.


  1. Kentucky looks nervous early. This is a rowdy crowd and UK doesn’t look ready for it.

    White out report: students in white; “old people” a mix of white and red.

  2. Jordan Crawford’s steal and acrobatic fastbreak layup brought the house down in here. Crawford has been spectacular so far in his return, 8 points in 12 minutes with a couple of threes, including one that banked. It’s really loud in here now, the type of environment we expected.

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