Live from Foster, it’s Sampson’s radio show!

Indiana men’s basketball coach Kelvin Sampson will hold his radio show at Hoosier Den in Gresham Food Court in the Foster Quad tonight at 7 p.m. Usually, the show is Monday but the Hoosiers were busy beating Tennessee State that night.

If you can’t attend, listen on Hoosier Country 105.1 FM.

(In today’s paper, I mistakenly wrote that the show wouldn’t be live tonight. It will be. I read the schedule incorrectly. My bad.)


  1. Do they still have the Taco John’s in Gresham? I lived off that place freshman year. I’d give anything for a meat & potato burrito right now.

  2. Yea, Taco John’s is off the hook!! I was in the dorms 2 years ago and it was there. How about the tater-tot taco salad thing? I forget what they called it, but it was amazing.

  3. Well the ‘tater-tot’ things are called potato oles, a key ingredient in any TJ’s product. The best though was the actual Taco John’s restaurant on Walnut and 2nd St back in the day. They had Taco Tuesday’s where you could get 2 taco’s for $1.00. I’ve yet to find a better hardshell taco in central Indiana.

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