1. Chris, working on Christmas Day? You could use a break, especially before the trip to Tempe.

    Also, anyone else out there receive the History of Indiana Basketball DVD? Watched it today. Good stuff. Lots of insightful interviews in it, including John Laskowski, Quinn Buckner, Don Fischer, Damon Bailey and Kelvin Sampson.

    Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

  2. Doug and Chris and everyone associated with the “Play 13” section of the paper today, you did a great job. I was very impressed. It’s always exciting to have 2 sports sections in the paper, especially on a Wednesday! Merry Christmas all and Happy Birthday Eric Gordon!

  3. E’ville,

    I’m pretty sure the DVD is available at stores that sell DVDs throughout the state. Try Best Buy.

    I wrote a short story on the DVD today and it basically agrees with Zak: it’s a nice, compact review of Indiana basketball. For a lot of you guys it will give you the chance to relive old memories. For people who didn’t grow up around Indiana basketball, it’s a wonderful introduction to the people who made this program special.


  4. I do believe I saw the DVD at TIS bookstore last week. So if you’re wanting to support a local business instead of corporate america, thats an option.

  5. I know for a fact the Bloomington Best Buy DOES NOT carry the DVD because I went there on Monday looking for some last-minute stocking stuffers. They looked it up on the website and there was no record of any shipments arrived or coming. Also, the Target in College Mall DOES NOT have the DVD because, according to a worker, being a huge national chain, it wouldn’t be a high priority even in B-town. It is available on Amazon.

    HT Ryan

  6. I know it is corporate America – but I live in northern Indiana and the local Walmart has the DVD.

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