Mike Gundy Friday notes

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy

About today’s practice:
We had a good practice today. Very enthusiastic. We had good practices this week. Our players are really enjoying themselves here in Tempe. The hospitality has been tremendous. The players are stating to sense that the game is getting closer. They’ve enjoyed practice being around each other for another week. Practices are already scripted. Sometimes we have to make some minor adjustments back home due to weather or if we feel like their legs are little more fatigued than we anticipated. We are practicing about and hour and a half right now.

About not playing for 36 days: I don’t know if anybody has the answer to that. That’s always going to be a concern for a coach. Ten days ago, we had a light scrimmage where we scrimmaged for 15 or 20 plays, did some special teams live, just to get them back into it. That’s always an issue. But what are you going to do? You play a bowl game and it is usually four or five weeks after the games. Our players should be ready to go. Hopefully, they’ll pick it up fast in the first quarter. That’s the thing you always worry about is not getting started until the second quarter.

About Indiana’s football team: Their quarterback is a playmaker. As soon as you overload the box, then they throw it out there to the big guy. Very similar to what we did here with Donovan Woods several years ago. We would run the football effectively. They are running it differently obviously with their quarterback. They’ve been very productive. And defensively, I don’t think they get enough credit. Defensively, they are in the right spot. They are very well coached and they play hard. This is a good football team.

Sometimes teams perform better in a bowl game when they are excited to be in a bowl game. They’re hungry and they are excited about being here. I think our players understand the importance of that. There is really a difference that is excited about being in a bowl and a team that is just going through the motions. As a coaching staff, the only thing you can do is make them aware of it. And then see how they practice. We’ve been pleased with the practices.

About the team enjoying bowl week:
They enjoy the sweats and the shirts. They got an Xbox 360, whatever the new one is, which is really nice. They get a watch. They get rings. They are having a team dinner tonight. We also have a very nice hospitality room back at the hotel. There are four swimming pools at the resort. They went to a place yesterday where they got to play games. That’s the good thing about bowls, you get to spend a lot of time together. I have my wife and three sons here. It’s an opportunity for me to be in a nice place and spend time with them. Me and the coaches spend a number of hours each day in preparation, but we also get two or three hours a day to spend with our families, which is more than we get on a normal basis. The Insight Bowl committee has done a great job. It’s the place to be if you are in this profession during this time of year.