More Hoosier kudos

Andy Katz of has named Eric Gordon his national player of the week.

Katz says Gordon will be a legitimate national player of the year candidate if he keeps up his current pace. He also calls Gordon hitting 13-of-16 free throws against Georgia Tech “remarkable.”

Katz should have seen some of the guys who used to play in my driveway when we were about 13. They’d be something like 17-of-20 “incredible” from the line on a good day. Sadly, they received no awards from, but surely that’s only because there was no Internet at the time.

Read about Gordon’s lastest honor here.


  1. yeah i saw that too. since when is 81% incredible? or maybe he meant attempting 16 free throws. who knows.

    by the way doug, how was chicago?

  2. Jeff, I bet you’re right that he meant the 16 free throw attempts was remarkable, although that’s not how I read it.

    Chicago was great. Have you ever heard of a little blues club called B.L.U.E.S.? That was a highlight.

    It was fun running into your dad in Chicago. I enjoy seeing Bloomington or IU-connected people at so many place where we travel.

  3. Didn’t Luke Recker shoot 30+ free throws one time? Now that was remarkable.

    Yeah I think I have heard of it. Sounds like a good time.

    Enjoy the game tonight. Keep up the great coverage……

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